The Child Abuse Case of Precious

Precious is an obese 16 years old, A Victim of all four types of child abuse: Neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Child neglects in the sense that Ms. Jones did not attain to daughter’s primary needsr Ms. Jones has neglected her daughter Precious by not feeding daily, no security from school, from her father or herself, and for failing to provide a stable shelter. Physical child abuse was observed by Ms Jones regularly hitting her child and throwing items with attempt to harm possibly causing visible and premature harm to Precious.

Experience sexual abuse from her biological father, followed by obvious prove of emotional abuse by Precious biological parents and randomly by people Precious became in contact with, such as the guys in Precious’s neighborhood who bully her. Precious has a high risk of an emotional bundle of feelings of pain and betrayal. Unable to trust anyone, Precious constant verbal abuse by her parents has ruined all of her social skills enabling her to succeed in life.

We can categorize Precious reasons of Child abuse into three different ways: parental causes> ecological causes and child problems. Ms Jones is accountable for the parental causes done to her daughter Ms. Jones, inability to form relationships and carry routine tasks daily Ms. Jones needs to feel burdened with the anger over precious child hood need. Ms. Jones finds it impossible to recognize the needs of herself or Precious. Her actions developed from the inability to maintain a lasting relationship with her boyfriend.

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Her disciplined was constructed for her own benefit and pleasures and not because of her concerns for Precious. Growing up in the inner city and living her life has not equipped Ms. Jones to perform a parent’s taskr Likewise Precious surrounded by an environment not equipped to teach and groom Precious to become successful and educated.

All in consequence, of Ms. Jones inadequate childhood, negative experiences and unsatisfying adult relationships. Precious has become handicap and unstable to install hope, encourage education and incapable of being a role model to precious. Precious created fantasies of being white, blonde, and having a lavish living such as a celebrity. This doing became frequent flashbacks triggered by her experiences of abuse retain mentally, noticed of a corrupted family structure can be identify. Ms. Jones and Precious have no bond or respectful conversations of each others well beings. A communication and constant personal space violation is all they have in common. Precious has fallen between the cracks of all social service support available for inner city kids. When children are not properly attained to they become abuse, neglected and transparent Precious is not to be blame for her life. Social workers failed to intervene early enough causing abuse to continue.

All higher authority individuals in contact and aware of precious abuse and housing situations are at fault for the precious childhood crisis. The system failed Precious by not providing her a safety shelter. A dysfunctional family should never be repair while still intact, Ms. Weiss and Ms. Rain did very little and stepped in to late to help Precious. Precious should have been help and pulled away from this abuse it should not have to take 14 years of constant abuse and suffering before a child can receive the proper help and aid. Ms. Weiss had all power to bail precious out of her misery. No child investigation should be held in public or in a cubical surrounded by other cases in the system. Ms. Weiss failed to follow up on Precious after the first interview. Precious case has brought to light poverty prevalent amongst people of color, Ms, Weiss shows an uncaring body language to precious case.

When Precious mention to Ms. Weiss “He gave me this baby and the one before” referring to Precious biological fathec Ms. Weiss should have removed Precious and her kids from the house. Red flags should have been wave everywhere in this case from all the obvious clues to Precious neglectsi Seeing the social worker arrived at Precious home, and seeing the detail of the case worker being rush off the intercom and not allowed visual contact with the family should have been reason enough to bring in a force. A better investigation should have been put in placed; according to Precious obesity, poverty, abuse, neglect, incest, and teenage mother and HIV rap sheet Is clear, to understand that resources for helping Precious are slim to none.

But from understanding her neighborhood quality and race a solution can be attaint Inner city children in living poverty are at a higher risk of neglect and abuse children become limited to resources and can experience an over crowded ratio of children to case worker. Once a case worker has been assigned the chances of her education background providing the skills needed for the job field may not be accurate in this location. Poverty supports organizations are rush to and not properly constructed; due to a higher demand to assist all in the attempt of reaching the goal in a fast manner. Every case is different making it hard to trained, but Mst Weiss clearly missed all the little things that made an impact in this case.

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