Child Abuse and How to Stop It: A Letter to the President of the United States

As you know there are four types of child abuse: Physical Abuse Neglect, Sexual Abuse and Emotional Maltreatment. You also know that the most common one is physical abuse, the statistics on child abuse and neglect is 3,000,000 Annual reports of child abuse in the US. are made. 2/3 of Incidents of abuse go unreported; 5 a day people die because of child abuse. The percentage of child abuse that is neglect is 59% every 10 seconds abuse is reported. We need to also share why parents abuse their children.

We also need to share some advice on how to stop child abuse. It’s a lot to handle, I know I am writing this to help others prevent Child abuse. There are many reasons why parents or any family in general abuse their child, niece, or nephew and or extending family. It’s sad to hear on it on the news.

The most common reason for child abuse is alcohol and substance drugs for example heroin.

When someone drinks to the point they don’t care what happens to someone in their family, it turns into child abuse because they keep on drinking. Another common one is when someone is sad about losing someone, home, orjob, they tend to blame their problem on their kids and abuse them. We need to share advice on how to stop child abuse. There are tons of ways to stop child abuse one of the big pieces of advice that I felt like it will actually help stop is trying to understand the child or teen.

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Another common one is keeping the kids healthy. When people abuse them they usually force their child to not eat. They would be punished if they eat something someone who does alcohol and drugs can to get help to stop their addiction. Please share with people that their homes should be violent—free zone. As you can see how I want to protect kids from being abused. Please help me try to protect the kids I know it will never stop completely but at least we can try.

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