Achievements of Andrew Jackson as the President of the United States

I think that Andrew Jackson achieved all the things he did due to a mixture of both hard work and luck. I think that most people in history found their place through having a little luck and some hard work. I do see some specific examples of both his hard work and the luck that would find him. As a young boy Jackson did not do too much in an educational sense, but later that changed. He deiced to become a lawyer.

He had to do an apprenticeship, studying literature, and then later take the bar test. Becoming a lawyer at twenty is not and was not an easy thing to do by any means, thus showing hard work. Jackson also served in the war of 1812. Andrew Jackson would become a general for the war. Jackson and his troops did a lot for gaining southern land. He grabbed land to make Alabama and Florida. He also had a major victory in New Orleans.

His commanding and concurring took so much effort, it’s easy to see the hard work he put in to get to where he was.

On the flip side of hard work, Jackson also had a boost from some luck to get him to where he would be. Jackson had so many different close calls with death. Him being in the military already puts him at place of high probability, but he made it out alive. He also had a way of angry men at those time and they would come very close to death in their duel.

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Some examples would be how he was almost killed by Charles Dickens and three years earlier he was also almost killed by John Sevier. I would also that getting elected in and of itself can have a bit of luck to it. I can depend on how the person running against you is, whether they are more likable, or what the person in office before you did and wither or not people think you would make that better or worse. In conclusion, I think Andrew Jackson had a mixture of hard work and luck that him getting his place in history. I would maybe say Luck had a bit more to do with it when it came to residency, but it is still a combination of the two.

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