An Overview of My Background, Interests, Achievements and Goals in Life

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My name is DO MINH TUONG, I’m 16 years old and I’m Vietnamese. I’d like to tell a little bit about my background, interests, achievements and my goals.


I was born in Tay Ninh which is a poor province. Because of being born in a sivilcultural hometown about 120km to the west of Ho Chi Minh city, I don’t have chances to easily succeed in my study, I have tried so hard to be a TDN student, especially be a good student in gifted school.

My foundation is not as good as my friends’. To be an urban student is something so luxury with my hometown inhabitants. Nevertheless I still decided to leave my countryside and appied to a private school when I was 11 years old. Fortunately, I was accepted and studied there in 4 years. At that time, I lived in dormitory and all time I just passionated in studying. Lack of many things, especially love from family, I’ve been getting pensive and sometimes solitary feelings make me burst into tears at night.

Day after day, I was used to those emotions and homesickness wasn’t a matter with me any more. After finishing secondary school, one more time I was enrolled in TDN highschool for the gifted which is ranked among one of the best highschools in Vietnam. At present I’m studying in grade 11 and I’m professional at math. About my life, my parents rented a small room for me to support my study and serve my life all by myself.

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Therefore, I think I’m so independent and unafraid when live alone. Those don’t make me nervous, worried; by contrast make me excited and eager to think of studing abroad.


I like researching science, training languages, listening to music, watching films and finding something interesting in art… Science plays a significant role in modernized life. We can’t deny the splendor of science in any fields. I’m fascinated by science and its marvellous applicabilities. That’s the reason why I choose math and physics to aim to! I have learnt 4 languages: Vietnamese, English, French and Japanese. I dreamt to be a linguist because I love languages. They reflect their country culture and express the beauties, accents of nations in the world. I’m interested in reading books and watching movies, especially detective and antiapartheid subjects.

I have a huge passion in art (drawing, literature, poetry, dancing, music, singing and photography). My life would be useless and nonsensical if without them! About extracurricular activities, sports are my favorite. I spend spare time playing sports with friends and clubs. My favorite sports are badminton, ping-pong, swimming, soccer and parkour, Movements, goals and achievements I’ve been an excellent student consecutively for 10 years. I’m a representative student of school in many years and always in top 3 in the whole class, the first in grade 7,8,9; the third in grade 10 and the second in the other school years. I’ve been a class monitor for 4 years and honourably participated in National Contest with Geography but I wasn’t rewarded.

Goals about sports, I’ve gained many awards such as the third of district in swimming, soccer; the best U12 participant of province in badminton,… In grade 9, I received the second prize of School Singing. I ‘ve been an active volunteer in many charity campaigns of city such as Literacy Class, Organizing better life for orphans, Donating for the poor, Donating for people in the Middle Vietnam through storms,…

Above all, I have 2 goals that I think I’m extremely honourable to experience: In Februry 2013, I was represented for Vietnam coming to Japan as a ambassador to share with Japanese the pains, loss, hopelessness and contribute something spiritual to help them more hopeful in a brighter future after double-disaster on 11/3/2011. And I was certificated that successfully completed the program “The Youth-Exchange Project with Asia-Oceania and North America KIZUNA’ conducted by Japan International Cooperation Center. In June 2013, once again I was represented for school coming to Melbourne, Australia on an international exchange program between my school and Essendon Keilor College located at Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. In Melbourne, I successfully completed a Mission to Mars Student Program at the Victoria Space Science Education Centre. Those memories of going abroad will never be forgettable in my mind!

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An Overview of My Background, Interests, Achievements and Goals in Life
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