The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Nick Vujicic

For years, motivational speaker Nick Vujicic has been an inspiration to many not only because of his striking words of wisdom and preaching, but also because of his firm belief and strong faith in God. Nick is a manifestation of how God works in all of us even before the Earth was created by Him. In one of the videos, he speaks about having the question of why did God made him to be born with no arms and legs if God so created human beings according to His image and likeness.

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Consequently, I realized that it is because God wanted us to be have dignity not because we are born perfectly in terms of physical traits, not because of the material things we have in life, not because of how successful we could be. Our dignity as a human person lies within how far we will become as ourselves believing that God’s plan is and always will be better than ours, regardless of how we look as we are all planned to be as we are even before the world exist.

It is by the feeling of satisfaction and gratification that we get every single time we were rightened by God that we are indeed made as we are because He wants us to be a way of letting others see Him in us in our own little way and that, for me, is the meaning of our dignity as a human person in relation to our status as beings created in His image and likeness.

To further explain the point, our dignity as human beings and our purpose in this world all comes down to a well-known quote from a bible verse. Without Christ, I am nothing. Without a doubt, we are nothing from the start if not because of His plans of us being born into this world. We are nothing if not because of His plans of us being wherever state we are in right now. We are nothing if not because of His sacrifice for us. In this world, even if you have all the riches material things has to offer, even if you become the most successful being in the planet, all of it means nothing if a person does not have Christ beside him. One can never be truly happy alone. All of the things becomes meaningless as we can only become truthfully, whole-heartedly, and undoubtedly happy and fulfilled if we have Christ beside us all along the way. We have to trust in Him always and in all ways to fully comprehend our purpose and dignity as a human being.

With that, it is natural for us humans to make mistakes again and again and again. It is normal for us to be in the wrong as it will help us become stronger in the future as it may teach us a lesson along the way. However, it is also our responsibility to accept that making mistakes is normal for each and every one of us, that when someone did us wrong, we have to also learn how to forgive. Forgive others as God forgives us whenever we do something wrong and learn from each other’s mistakes so as to live peacefully and be a follower of the Word of God.

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