Incredible Place to Visit Because Of its History

If I was given the opportunity to visit a couple of religious places outside of the United States over the religions that we covered makes me think really hard of the opportunities that I would be able to experience. I believe that there are many places that I would love to experience, but the sacred religious places that stick out to me are the Mahabodhi Temple in India as well as the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. These temples share some traits though are very different.

Both of these temples are both the holiest temples for their given religion, which means they are going to be the most popular for its region.

The Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar (India) is where Buddha attained enlightenment. This is one of the four major temples that are connected to stages of Buddha’s life and is known as the most important. Many people view it as the most important because this is where Buddha would meditate, under a fig tree before eventually reaching enlightenment and actually becoming a buddha.

These believers believe that this was Buddha’s birthplace because this is where he reached his thoughts and beliefs that the Buddhists follow. Aśoka an Indian King built the structure several centuries after buddha had been there. The structure has been seen throughout history and has been rebuilt most knowingly around 1875.

The Temple is known as a major pilgrimage site for the Buddhists, Buddhists believe that it’s the only place that could handle the power of Buddha’s attainment.

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Followers of Buddha believe that this is where Buddha gained attainment makes this a very popular site because the very person that they follow was granted attainment, as well as believing that this is the only spot in the entire universe that is powerful enough to hold that much spiritual weight and will be the last place to be destroyed before the rebirth of the new world. I certainly believe that this place would be an incredible place to visit because of its history regardless if its true or not because it does show tremendous value and history that can’t be found anywhere else.

I also believe that the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal would be another amazing place to visit. Alike the Mahabodhi Temple the Pashupatinath Temple Shares tons of history and is another big sacred place. The Pashupatinath Temple is known as a huge religious site for Hinduism. Pashupatinath temple is known as one of the most sacred Hindu temples. The temple is in honor to the god of Shiva. Many of the Hindu followers come to the Pashupatinath temple to die and be cremated on the river so that they can travel with the waters on the sacred river of Bagmati. Many Hindus across Asia come to die here. The reason they come to die here Is because that they believe that if they die at the temple then they will be reborn as a human.

This temple is very known for death within it. I believe this would be a nice thing to see as well because the amount of people that come there just to die because they believe they will come back to life as a human regardless of karma. To me it doesn’t make sense though I don’t follow this religion. Overall these two temples would be my top destinations if I was given the opportunity to visit a couple of religious places outside of the United States over the religions that we covered. I believe that both would be life changing experiences and would be surprised of how much history is within those temples. Especially after researching these temples and finding things to learn about really makes me want to see them one day when traveling.

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Incredible Place to Visit Because Of its History
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