The Persistence of Andrew Jackson Throughout His Life

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Andrew Jackson‘s life was almost like a roller coaster, he was born to a poor family, ran away from home at age 16, and lost all the money that he inherited from 1-week gambling. He then managed to start a career as a frontier lawyer, and he managed to attract large crowds with impassioned pleas. He continued to rise (elected to Tennessee Superior Court and filled a seat in Congress later) when his weaknesses finally got to him and he resigned from his Senate seat He went home to build a plantation before being later called to be a major general in the War of 1812.

He won major victories as general and became very popular among the people, but he ended up losing the Election of 1824. One might ask: how did Jackson survive such a roller coaster of a life? Jackson was very persistent. Persistency is defined as being willing to have your arguments stacked up against your position to be challenged and staying the course even through difficult times.

During the War of 1812, Jackson encircled the city of Pensacola and attacked it from the east, causing the Creek and Seminole Indians to flee into the wilderness. The nation’s Federalist press denounced his raid as a “gross violation of a territory of a friendly power” and Monroe complained that Jackson left New Orleans and Mobile undefended congress began investigating Jackson‘s conduct, and failure seemed to be looming over the horizon. However, Jackson stayed persistent and tried to prove himself again.

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During the Battle of New Orleans, Jackson was matched up against a British army that was twice as large, better trained and possessed greater combat experience, Yet he didn’t let that stop him. He created a formidable defense (a wall that was 8x12x1800 ft) and an L- shaped breastwork at the end of the line that could be defended once the British got there.

Earlier on, he hired many skilled marksmen for the purpose of picking off large numbers of infantry. His tactics paid off, and by the end of the battle, while the British had 291 men killed, 1262 men wounded, and 484 captured/missing, the Americans only had 13 men killed, 39 wounded, and 19 captured/missing. He soon became one of the most celebrated names in the Union and became very popular with the people. This example demonstrates that Jackson’s persistence was a key factor in enabling him to succeed in the war, even when he failed one Lime before I can apply being persistent to my life in many ways I remember my dad wrote a book a while back titled, “Persistence is the key to Success,” and how his persistence through failure enabled him to become who he is today.

Many times in life, when things aren’t going my way, I feel that it is very easy to give up and move on. But I remember the last time I gave up on something, I later regretted it and wondered that if I persisted on with that particular endeavor. I might have succeeded in it eventually since that time, I have never given up on anything anytime a failure happens, I always keep going, Take Chemistry, for example. At the beginning of the first quarter, 1 was making 505 on my labs and my homework. I was devastated by my grades, but I knew I had no choice but to try again and persist. Because I used this tactic, my grades started going up, and soon I was making all 805 and 905 on my homework grades. This just comes to show the power of never giving up and pushing through tough times.

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