The Importance of Persistence

It was the last game of our basketball season and our team won the championship. The season consisted of our star players carrying us to win after win as I sat on the bench and watched them play. In this essay, I’m going to be talking about how I learned the true meaning of hard work. and how this experience influenced my lifestyle. Despite the fact that we had just won, I felt aggrieved, after all, I wasn’t an important part of the team, the most infuriating pan was that the final result of our season would be the same whether I was there or not.

I tried to ignore it and told myself that I should “Enjoy the rest of my summer vacation”. Trying to avoid what happened was an obstacle that I dealt with every day a couple of days pass by and I tell myself “I need to stop”. Confronting the problem was a pivotal first step in changing my mindset about the situation.

After deciding to face the problem from another perspective, I thought about my skill set and what I offer to my team I was scrambling for words as I realized that I have driven myself to believe a lie. Couldn’t score, or defend, and didn’t even have the team spirit which was shown when I was disappointed although our team achieved great success. Realizing that I have been lying to myself all along was devastating. The driving factor was not wanting to endure the same experience again and wanting to be better than others.

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The latter instilled a competitive nature and pushed me to chase success. Improving my skill set was all I cared about for the rest of my vacation. Meaningless ways of wasting time soon disappeared.

Taking time to relax and play video games every now and was essential however, I never swayed away from my goal. Every day I would practice, and soon enough results were beginning to show. The new season starts and I was put in as a starter in our opening game I was making major plays on both sides of the court, anchoring our defense and leading our offense to our first victory. After the game, I was so thankful for not getting any playing time the previous season I learned that hard work pays off and that no matter what, giving up should never be an option.  Nowadays, I try to apply what I learned to all aspects of my life. Even now, I still try to improve and I express gratitude for this experience as it has contributed to my development and opened a door full of possibilities. About 3 weeks ago, I went to try out at Al Nassr Basketball Club and got accepted. After signing my first contract (with the team), in began to look back and realized that without this experience, I would probably be laying down on a couch scrolling through Instagram and never realizing my true potential.

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