Human Skill Importance for Managers

Abstract Now, more than ever, businesses or organizations have begun to focus on the important role of Employer and Employee relationships. In review of Stalemate’s Organizational Management & Leadership, Human Skills are noted as the second fundamental characteristic that a manager needs to possess besides Technical and Conceptual Skills. Human Skills are needed so that communication can be delivered and received effectively with positive results.

Communications must be clear, concise and understandable by all parties involved. The reasoning for this is: the better the communication is delivered, the better the feedback will be.

All messages that are transmitted either verbally, written or non-verbal has a meaning; the vocal tones, writing or the way a message is presented can convey a good or bad feedback from the receiver.

Overall, communications plays a very important role in business and personal lives; therefore, how it is relayed depends solely on the delivering party. Human Skills In today’s society, peoples communicate with one another In different ways.

These ways may be mobile to mobile, chat to chat, Instating, Social Networking Sites I. E. , Twitter, Backbone; all of which may be verbal, written or non-verbal, However, when e communicate, it must be clear and understandable in order to receive proper feedback.

In the day to day routine of friendly casual conversation (person to person), one doesn’t really to the extreme for communication to reach its fullest potential because we too often use the slang approach whether vocally or in writing, In the business or employment area, communication skills are a much needed asset and then, how we relate as humans is essential to position status, ambitions, achievements and employment development; this Is where Human Skills come Into play.

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What Is the Meaning of Human Skills

According to Easterlies Organizational Management & Leadership, “Human Skills are the manager”s ability to interact and work well with others,” (Easterlies, Pig. 12). Managers must be able to relate with others, including their subordinates, in a way that is very clear, concise and understandable. When a manager does not understand something that is communicated to him or her in writing, verbal or non- verbal form, questions should be asked for clarity. Clarification stems for the top (Corporate-Executive Level), Middle (Management & Leadership) and the Bottom (Subordinate-Blue Collar) Level.

What are the Fundamentals of Human Skills The greatest asset of good leadership or management is when a person has the ability to get along with another entity regardless of the circumstances or situations. He or she should be able to Interact well with another. However, when a leader communicates with other Individuals, the statement or message should be thought upon first. Why Is this? Hastiness and outbursts are follies for negative feedbacks. By phone, and of course in person. I have heard it said that the most common word used in conversation is the word ‘I’.

We speak highly of ourselves, and to our shame, e have slandered another’s reputation with our choice of speech. We literally speak thousands of idle words each day’, (Articles. Com 2009). This particular saying doesn’t necessary pinpoint how communication should be handled between the one sending the message and the receiver of the message, but, it does implies that one needs to be selective in his/or choice of words because what we say and how we say things can and will demean one’s character to the extent that feedback may be received negatively or not at all.

Therefore; managers must also have a good understanding of what is or should be communicated and how it should be incommunicado to others. To ensure that communication is clear and understandable, by both parties, for positive feedback to be warranted, these steps should be initiated: a) “Make sure your non- verbal communication matches your message that is being delivered?this clearly states that one should consider their tone(s), facial expression or body movements. These elements can lead one to believe or think the opposite of what is actually being delivered.

For example, a frown can mean you are angry when you are not or a nod, taken to mean ‘k when you had the inclination to move your head. B) “Remove or avoid barriers-attractions are considered things that causes interference, so, try and stay clear of noisy equipment-noise in general. A quiet surrounding would be the applicable place to hold meeting or communicate with others. This will prevent the likelihood of one having to repeat themselves because someone was unable to hear. C) “Consider using powerful words and words that have specific meaning?do not use words like “might’ or think which leaves room for unclear communication. Be specific, give an exact timeshare or date and be very confident in what is being delivered. -Know the facts. D)”Ask questions when you have delivered your message?this is to ensure that everyone understands and does not leave room for negative results. If someone has problems with what was said, it doesn’t hurt to reiterate and explain exactly what’s unacceptable and acceptable or what is expected and what is not,” (Anderson, Blobs to Communication, Copyright 2011).

The Importance of Human Skills Many businesses or corporations hire peoples that are skillful in the use of computers, technical skills, training and communication but there are other concepts to interpersonal relationships between the leader and employee: a) Being a Good Listener does not apply to only the subordinates but it to the Managers as well. A company cannot operate off of the ideas of only one person; so when an employee has something to say, Management should be attentive. When a conflict or disagreement arises between two employees, both parties reasoning should be heard.

When Management and an employee disagree and it cannot be resolved at their level, a Superior Staff should be notified and then both sides heard for a resolution. B) Be a Team Player: Managers and employees should be able to function as a TEAM. At church, we are taught that each auxiliary (Mother Board, Deacon Board, Ministerial Staff, Choir, Ushers, Custodial Staff, Sunday School, Bible Class) cannot function on its own, assistance is needed from all bodies. Take for instance, the human body. The hand cannot move with the help of the arm, the foot organization, get to know your employees-, their behaviors, attitudes, weakness and strengths.

Be able to provide motivational techniques, encouraging words to help then accomplishment a particular task when he or she thinks the odds are against them. Do not say what you will or will not do to your employees. Lead by example, for positive, productive and nourishing working environment. C) When a group of individuals work together on a day-to-day basis, eight or more hours a day, confusion and disagreement is will show its ugly head sooner or later. This is where being a Good Listener manifest itself (subtopic A). Do not show favoritism or partiality.

No two individuals are the same and therefore, he or she should not be treated as such. The Manager should be fair, firm, flexible, yet attentive, in all matters. In Psalms 73, “ASAP trusts God, yet he is somewhat disturbed about life (world) being unfair. God is fair and always will be”. Yet, in society, situation occurs when the sinful man profits and it seems at naught for the Christian,” (Relevant Bible Teaching. Com). But, God tells us that it rains on the Just as well as the unjust-here God in showing no partiality. The world in His and the fullness thereof and be blesses whom He may.

Being carnal minded and looking at how the wicked is fairing can cause a stumbling block, if not rooted in the word of God. It may make one wonder, Can I do the same as him or her and reap the benefits. Yes, you may but there is a price for disobedience. One may think he or she has gotten away but in Hebrews 9:27 and Romans 2:6, it is stated “that God will render the Just reward for all deeds done in this body, whether good or bad”. In this world, we pay a penalty, if caught and when one dies there is a Judgment that me must meet with God alone.

So, it behooves, us as Christian and even those who knows, to be fair or impartial, whether in business or personal experiences,” (Relevant Bible Teaching. Com). Human communication skills are a broad field. There are many do’s and don’t to consider. Interpersonal skills, how you communicate with others, is a key to success. As a manager, you just be aware and knowledgeable of your shortcoming in communication. If you have weakness, it will not hurt to practice with a colleague to provide pointers or gesture on the areas that need improvements. It is also beneficial to watch others that delivery good, effective communication.

You can learn by incorporating some of their techniques in your presentation; but, always remember that you can only be you and not anyone else. Be yourself, and works on what motivates you and your subordinates. If you have problems with what you should reflect upon or say, make notes and study what you write-this will help prevent a loss for words. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work,” (The Holy Bible, 2 Timothy 3:16).

The Bible states that we are to study the scriptures for ourselves and get a clear understanding so that we cannot be lured into the wrong direction or presented misleading advice. It will correct us and convict us. So, for a manager to decisively notate their weaknesses; it will help him or her to make corrections and be better prepared in the works of communications. Commitment is a requirement to be an effective communicator when interacting with others. A manager or leader must be committed and time has to be employed communicate with others, verbally or non-verbally; yet, it stills requires putting forth effort.

Just as a singer is gifted with the talent of signing, it is necessary to invest time in training to further develop his or her vocals and to keep the current vocal capacities active. Peoples change Just as trends, so managers need to know their employees, what makes them a self-starter, what agitates them. As an effective manager, one must not speak in double meaning; say one thing ND their actions state another. Managers but be honest and truthful in expressing himself or herself and look for the well-being of their subordinates.

When an employee has determined that the management, under which they are assigned, is ethical is the employer-employee relationship, morale will increase in the workplace because a bond of loyalty, “(the willingness to remain faithful to the interest of others and concern for followers)”, (Easterlies, Pig. 8) and trust,”(the willingness of a party to be vulnerable to the actions of another party based on the expectation that the other ill perform a particular action important to the trust or, irrespective of the ability to monitor or control that other part as a positive expectation that another will not act opportunistically)” (Easterlies, Pig. ) has developed. It also motivates the employees to perform at their best level of achievements and standards. In this relationship, the manager is direct the employees in a positive way. In-service training will be provided when deemed necessary and when problems occur on and off the boundaries of the worksheet, the manager should still possess a positive attitude and rye to provide any ways of assistance or referral to help resolve the situation. The achievement of a business or organization depends upon management and the employees.

Good leadership leads to good employees when all negative facets are cast or removed from within the relationship. Employees respect sound Judgments and support from their employers. A leader or manger that show a lack of respect for other positions, causes division among employees, shows a lack of interest for others concerns or problems and will not support or stand behind what he or she communicated, will not be respected by employees nor will employees work at their least potential. The working environment will not be friendly and compassionate. Friction develops and soon hostility and resentment will surface also.

Managers must deter all unethical practices or choices. Employees must not be allowed to take down on other employees. Employees cannot be made to like another individual but they must show respect to one another in the workplace. Employees should not be allowed to leave a task unfinished, when time has permitted, for another employee to complete. Employees should not be permitted to disrespect others by using name calling, using derogatory comments or profanity. Managers should follow the same attributes. In the workplace, when managers and employees are on one accord, unity will abound.

Rules and regulations will be adhered too and following the managers’ specified lines of communication will be understandable and honored. However, in supervision of subordinates, both parties must realize that there are barriers that cannot be crossed or broken. Managers have specific tasks and functions to carry out differently from those of employees; and employees have specific tasks and functions to carry out differently from those of their leaders or managers. When this is understood by both, the employee and employer, it helps to establish a good communicate.

It should then be evident that the leader or manager is only as strong, efficient and productive as the employees. The manager needs the support of the followers as well as the followers need the support of their leader or manager. A manager left to make all the decisions or ideas without input from others will create confusion. The confusion comes when there is no outside input because the manager will see what’s only best for him or her, not realizing that others ideas plays n important part in establishing a business and epitomizing an emerging workforce.

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