The Child Custody Mediation in the United States

Child custody cases are the hardest cases for most mediators because the mediator has to put the child’s best interest in mind which may end up to one parent losing in the enerhen it comes to parents arguing in a child custody dispute, a child can be affected due to unreliable information and false accusations when brought to the mediator‘s attention A mediator will always listen to both parents, will listen to the he said, she said, and then put in a plan that will help both parents in the decision for child custody and/or visitationi Mediators have one of the more complicatedjobs in the court system because of the emotional attachment one may make with the parents and even in some cases, the child When parents are having a custody dispute, instead of going straight to court, the parents will be set up with a mediator in order to set up parenting time and/or custody, Even then, the effects of the mediation can take a toll on the child.

The best bet to go about a child custody issue is to, in fact, get a mediator so that way, the child is not being affected in the long run, It doesn’t matter how old the child is, whether the child is two or 18, the child will be effected if it is not handled the right and proper way.

The child can have a lack or loss of self»esteem, which would be under the emotional toll, extreme shyness that will hamper their social communication skills and may eventually affect his or her overall personality which would be under the physical toll and even end up have poor performance in school which would under the mental toll.

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A child should never have to be effected by something that parents created.

If a parent is having issues with child custody or visitation, make sure to assure the child or children that it has nothing to do with them. That it is between the two parents that want to better the child’s life for the sake of the child (ren)’s future. Never tell a child that it is there fault because in the end, the child will start lashing out, in more than one way.  Parents can help a child by going to mediation instead of trying to figure out things on their own. The mediator can help make decisions that both parents may have been struggling with. The mediator will always keep in mind the child’s best interest with factors such as the home environment, school districts and the parents willing to get along with each othert If both parents are willing to cooperate with each other and get along for the child’s sake, in the long run, the child will have a healthy, more active lifestyle.

Mediators can help a child or children by listening to both parents, getting the proper information and never accusing one parent or another of poor parenting A mediator is there to help make wise decisions regarding the child‘s best interest. A mediator is going to try and keep both parents in the child’s life unless there are circumstances that may take the child away from one parent such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse and sometimes even active militaryt When those circumstances occur, the mediator will set up a schedule that would work for both parents and once again, think of the child’s best interest, Questions that would be asked would be if the parent that has the history was held accountable and did treatment for it; if the child was present or affected by the history and what actions should be taken. Achild custody battle can take a toll not only on the child and the parents, but the mediators as well, When the parents cannot make a sound and wise decision, look to a mediator, If the parent’s haven’t tried to figure it out on their own, chances are, the mediator will have the answers, the right decisions and the best interest of the child in mind.

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