The Issues Regarding the Use of the English Language

I agree that to the fact that the English language is usually used in a bad manner by many of the users, However, with the prevailing conscious among individuals of the present generation, little could be done in solving this hidden controversy which is only open to the few concerned. The decanted civilization of the present society could frustrate the efforts aimed at addressing this issue. A language is believed to be a natural growth and but not as an instrument which can be used to shape the society For a language to decline, it must have economic and political economic causes, The English language over the years has become inaccurate and ugly due to the foolishness of our thoughts The cause of our foolish thoughts has been facilitated by the slovenliness of our language be undone, However, the good thing is that this can be undone.

The present English language is composed of a number of bad habits which spread easily through imitation and which can only be avoided by an individual if he or she is ready to face the consequences.

If individuals get rid of these habits, they can be at a good point of thinking clearly. Thinking clearly is a significant step towards political regeneration, One of the ethical issues that arise with the abandonment of these bad habits is the breakdown of communication between individuals and the society around them. A larger part of the society is used to the manner in which the English language is presently used and if an individual tries to adopt new habits, he or she may find it difficult to communicate with those around him, as a result, many barriers to communication result in that c easily lead to the breakdown, This affects the overall relationship of the individual and society.

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The mental vices from which the present day society suffers has been much facilitated by the authors The authors make wrong use of the language and end up making the language useless and of less value.

A good example is a use of dying metaphors by the authors. A newly invented metaphor when correctly used it evokes an individual’s mind to a visual image, On the other hand, a dead metaphor reverts to being an ordinary word and can be applied without any loss of vividnesst There is a large dump of worn-out metaphors between this two classes. These worn-out metaphors have lost all their evocative power are often used in the present society because they help people from the trouble of inventing a new phrase. Some of the commonly used examples are toed the line, ring the changes on and ride roughshod over. Many of them are usually used without knowledge of their meaning.

The fixing of incompatible metaphors in the work of the author could be used as a sign of how the authors are less interested in what they are saying. Some writers have decided to twist metaphors out of their original meaning without the consent of the readers, The major ethical issue that arises with the above use of the English language is that it does not give individuals an opponunity to learn more facts about the language nature in general, Authors twist information so that it can don’t bring out the intended or opposite meaning. This is unethical more so in advancing the language to the future generations where individuals will get exposed to a language which is wrongly twisted and does not give them a chance to learn more about reality.

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