Evolution and History of the Nursing Profession

Nursing is an ever-changing career, that needs to accommodate to an continue growing society to meet their needs and demands. As nurses we have a compromised with our patients to a long life commitment to continue with our educations. Is this essay, I will discussed how nursing has evolved since the beginnings of time. I will also mentioned some pioneers that have shape the profession to what is known today. Disease, fatalities, contamination, etc. have all contributed in the continues growing demand for educated nurses in the country.

People that are well trained and can contributed to a positive patients outcome.

During the middle ages, nursing was prominently led by males Christian. Due to their believe, any women that decided to heal a member of the family or any other person, was said to be a witch. The strongly believed that peoples death and disease were a manifestation of evil spirits. As the communities continue to growth and the evolutionary era kick in, there was a higher demand for educated nurses, especially after the war.

Florene Nightingale, was the first nurse ever known, that had the greatest contribution to the modern nursing. She opened the first training school in London, due to the high demand of nursing professional during the Crimean war. After walking the battle fields, she realized the poor conditions that the soldier were exposed too. She was able to correlated the high fatality rates to poor nutrition, infected waters, and cross-contamination. By introducing the hand washing technique and maintaining a cleaner environment for the patients, she was able to reduce the fatality rates from a 42.

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As the first training school of nursing opened its doors, there was a lot of women applying for the school, and positions. From then on, nursing became known as profession prominently led by wo men. Many women opted for this option as form of escape, due to the prominent suppression that women faced at the time. This will later be beneficial for them and their families.

In my opinion, nursing have definitely come a long way. From the ancient times, when disease were fixed by trial and error, to the modern society that nurses are respected professionals. I think that nurses play an important role in a patients life. We are the first person they see as they come in, and the last one they seen when they are discharge from the hospital. The way that we manage ourselves in and outside of the hospital facility can have an impact on how people see us.  


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