Why Choose The Social Work Profession

Although I have already worked in the corporate professional world for a few years, I am still anxious to step into the new environment of a hospital workplace where there is so much to learn. I am fearful of a patient asking me a question, to which I wouldn’t have an answer.

There are social systems that are unfamiliar to me even in my own community. Before I have completed my two years of graduate school, I expect to understand more about my local community laws and how to best assist the individuals that want to change the issues for the better.

Throughout my career as a social worker, I hope to work with many people from different countries with a diverse range of nationalities.

The populations I feel most ill-equipped to serve are the Developmentally Disabled and homeless people. Both of these vulnerable populations are misunderstood. I do not feel as I have the confidence or knowledge to assist either population.

These individuals are strong, unique, and deserve all the opportunities to succeed. As my self-assurance grows while in the field, I hope to empower the Developmentally Disabled and homeless people and provide them with resources and services to feel part of society.

Although we will never truly be free from bias, I can admit some of my own current biases, so I don’t impose my issues on others. Some current biases I have include the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population. I grew up in a traditional household that rejected the idea that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people were ‘normal.

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’ Because of my bias towards these individuals, I will need to work even harder to overcome my homophobia and current attitudes toward this population.

After I graduate from The University of Memphis, I would like to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and ultimately open my  private practice. I can set my own schedule and offer more specialized care for my patients. Having my  private practice will come with many challenges, such as the startup costs, building a client base and managing my own business. Although there will always be obstacles in life and I doubt I will ever really “feel” ready to open my  private practice, I am determined to have my  private practice before the age of 35.

I don’t see any obstacles in learning as I am driven and take responsibility of my  education and life. Social Work is a demanding profession. I hope to become more skilled in my field as time progresses and establish a solid foundation in my social work career.

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Why Choose The Social Work Profession
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