The Value of Emotion in the Nursing Profession

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I can imagine a5 a new nurse during the first years of practice after spending four to six years learning the anatomical and physiological aspects of the human body and medicine, it would be easy to forget your patient is a living, breathing, and human being with emotions, ‘Playing nurse’ in class to a dummy patient gives you the opportunity to make mistakes and do your job without having to deal with the emotions and feelings of the dummy. Because your patient isn’t a stuffed dummy that will just sit there with no fear does not mean you can treat your living patient that way.

Bed side manner isn’t something they can teach you during your years as a nursing student; it is something you have to learn on the floor while doing your job.

Understanding that your patient may not have spent six years learning about medicine, and their knowledge of it might be minimal emotion; is something nurse‘s come into contact with daily, weather it is worried mothers, new mothers or scared patients; as the person who is there with them, you need to be the person to comfort them and make them feel as safe as possible I believe every professional person who in the medical field should have to attend a suicide prevention and bed side manner seminar to make them more able to understand their patient, and so they can know the signs of fear and indications of different emotions to be better at their jobs on the human levels.

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