Why I Think Change is Necessary in Life

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The quote that is becoming increasingly more relevant as we get closer to graduation… Four years ago we were little freshmen walking around in a very different schoolr Back then the school had portables, lacked a PAC, and the dinosaur old library. We were different. The way we talked to our friends, our sleep schedule, and personalities may have all changed since freshmen year. Therefore, our friends our different and that‘s what makes us human. Change is necessary. We can’t hold onto the past, but we can choose to live in the present.

For example: my best friend has essentially lost all interest in a normal method of living life and now wants to become a professional Super Smash Bros player (who lives in Alaska and plays against penguins!!!). But, if you told him freshmen year that his goal as a senior was a professional Smash player, he wouldn‘t believe you He wasn‘t even interested in the Smash Bros when he was a freshman and was “trash” at the game when he did play (wii remote + nunchuck).

Despite this, I would argue I‘m a closer friend to him now than I was in freshmen year. But, along the way to senior year I’ve grown distant from many of my many school friends. I don’t talk to them anymore mostly because I don’t see them. A common theme for many of us from freshmen to senior year would probably be: growing a lot closer to some friends, but becoming distant from the other friends.

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Most of us would agree that our relationships are changing as we get close to our end of AHS. We now have to deal with the idea that many of our close friends will no longer be close because we attend different colleges Are we going to constantly visit each other? Or will we only see each other during our winter and spring break? Graduation will bring these problems to life and really all we can do now is wait and see what changes life brings us.

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