Why Does Dee Think Maggie Should Not Have The Quilts?

Tell what Mama says about each daughter before Deed’s arrival. -“Dee is lighter than Maggie, with nicer hair and a fuller fugue. ” Maggie walks with her chin on chest eyes on ground and feet in a shuffle. 2. What reason does Dee give for changing her name? What is Mama’s opinion of Deed’s reason? -The reason for Dee changing her name was because she couldn’t bear to be named after people who oppress her. Mama didn’t like the name change because Dee was named after mama’s sister.

3. What is special about the two quilts that Dee wants? – The material used to make them are very old and could be worth a lot of money. How does Dee react when she learns what Mama plans to do with the quilts? What does Maggie say that Mama should do with them? – Dee gets mad with her mama’s plan. She doesn’t think it’s fair for Maggie to have the quilts.

Maggie says that her mama should Just give the quilts to Dee. 5. Why does Dee leave the house so abruptly? – Dee leaves the house because her Mama finally told her no to the quilts. 6. What can you infer about mama’s feelings toward Maggie and Dee, based on the information she gives before Dee arrives? – That she loves both of her girls. 7.

Do you think the reason Dee gives for changing her name is her only reason? Explain. – No, she could have changed her name so that people wouldn’t know who her family is.

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8. How does the origin of the quilts affect Magpie’s feelings about them? How does it affect Dee? – The origin effects Maggie because it’s the only way she can remember her grandma. The origin doesn’t affect Dee because all she cares about is money. 9. How does Dee feel about Maggie? Support your answer with details from the story. -Dee thinks that Maggie isn’t a very smart person. She says that Magpie’s brain is like an elephant’s. 0. Dee says at the end, Mimi Just don’t understand. ” In your opinion, does mama understand? Explain. – Yes, because she realizes that Maggie is the one that really needs the quilts. 11. Why, do you think, does the author begin the story with a description of the yard and a daydream about being on a television show? – The author probably did this so you can visualize what the yard looks like and what Mama’s dream was. 12. How important a role does the setting play? How might the story be different if the characters lived in another time and another place? -The setting plays a very important role.

Why Does Dee Want The Quilts In Everyday Use

The story could be different y the quilts not being popular in another place so that Dee wouldn’t want them. 13. Which sister do you like better, Maggie or Dee? Explain. -l like Maggie better because she’s not self centered and she Just wants to remember her grandma. 14. Do you feel that you understand your own heritage? Explain. -No because we don’t really talk about anything. 15. What advice would you like to give to Maggie? To Dee? To mama? -Advice to Maggie would be to fight for what you want. Advice to Dee would be to see how Maggie really is. Advice to Mama would be to not let Dee have what she wants. I don’t know By cadenzas

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Why Does Dee Think Maggie Should Not Have The Quilts?
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