The Reasons Why Freshmen College Students Should Not Have Cars on Campus

College is a new part of life for new incoming students. For them, this is a big step for students and they believe they are free from parents but that is not true. As freshmen, college officials restrict the use of vehicles from freshmen because the rules help to protect all students on campus and make sure little incidents occur. Some students believe that they should have cars on campus but is unaware of why they don’t have the privilege.

The reason why freshmen students shouldn’t have cars on campus is because of academic learning, underage drinking will become a bigger issue, and sedentary lifestyles form.

One reason students don’t need cars on campus is because cars can be a big distraction from classes. As freshmen, students need to focus on classes and developing their GPA. In college, your freshman year is the anchor of your GPA, which is critical. The primary reason a student goes to school is to learn about their major and graduate to get a good job.

When students are in school, there is really no reason why they need to go off campus. As a result, you might spend more time studying, go to more student activities around campus, and getting to know more people.

The second reason why freshmen don’t need cars on campus is because students will be at risk for drinking. With underage drinking on the rise, it is scary to have anyone under the influence on the roads, especially in an overcrowded college town.

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College students are now in an environment where the only person that can tell them no is themselves. As freshmen adjust to the college life, they take on peer pressure, and it makes it difficult in making the right decisions. The experimentation is a scary cause and effect.

Most students consume well over their tolerance. Freshmen can get intoxicated and get alcohol poisoning, cause car incidents, injuries or even death to those accompanying them. Most freshmen are underage and shouldn’t be drinking but we know it happens. There are no responsibilities yet in freshmen other than school, sometimes a part time job and practice if you are a student athlete.

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