Video games and Consoles Including Nintendo DS, Wii and Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese game and consumer electronics company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Their website can be found at. Their primary goods are video games and consoles, including Nintendo DS, Wii and Nintendo Switch. The multinational company is also famous for its creation of video game franchises such as Mario and Pokemon. I selected this particular company because growing up in Tokyo for 18 years, I always witnessed the constant innovation that Nintendo showcased through its franchises and games. Being able to understand the business operations behind the games I loved so much as a child is especially intriguing.

Quality management is an important aspect of the company’s supply chain management because Nintendo’s products maintain exceptional standards and the prices can be high. To meet high consumer expectations, Nintendo prioritizes safety and quality not only during production, but from development of the design, procurement to shipment. Nintendo utilizes its Product Safety Committee to ensure that its key objectives are met in each step of the supply chain; “Product Safety Principles” for safety and reliability in high-quality products, and “Quality Principle” for providing the quality that meet consumer expectations.

In the development stage, the committee gathers teams from Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Legal affairs to review the product designs. In the procurement stage, Nintendo requires employee confirmations that the products comply with Nintendo’s quality criteria.

In the shipment stage, Nintendo conducts an additional inspection and a finished-goods test before allowing the products in the market. After-sales, Nintendo takes advantage of every quality issue and feedback informed to continuously improve on its products through its Technical Support Center and Customer Service Window.

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Moreover, Nintendo has an enthusiastic approach to sustainability and incorporates many initiatives to be eco-friendly. Specifically, in the supply chain, the company’s Green Procurement standardizes products to be free of chemical substances from the material phase and Nintendo is working towards elimination of specific chemical substances in the supply chain. The company also reviews transportation routes and design transport packaging in its shipping to consider eco-friendly carriers and re-use packaging materials.

Nintendo fosters waste reduction and recycling, especially by focusing on digitizing workflows to decreasing paper usage, and energy usage. Nintendo’s Development Center utilizes natural energy sources through wind and solar power generation, efficient air conditioning system and a system to reuse rainwater. Nintendo’s overseas subsidiaries also take initiative in taking advantage of renewable energy for their offices. If I got the opportunity to interview the CEO, the first question I would ask is “What is the main criteria to consider for designing new games in the development stage?” Because Nintendo emphasizes games that people of “all ages” can enjoy, I am curious to know what key product points that the company looks at to determine the designs of games that consumers of a large demographic would enjoy. My second question is “How does the company incorporate cost efficiency in the production process?”

Since Nintendo takes different measures to maintains high quality across all its product lines, I would like to know where cost inefficiencies may arise in the supply chain and what the company does to be as cost effective as possible while assuring the best quality. The last question I would ask is, “As more tech companies dominate the market, are there any plans to collaborate Nintendo’s gaming products with tech giants such as Apple?” I feel that an acquisition or collaboration with big tech companies like Apple could expand Nintendo’s games in other platforms like phones and tablets, which could further maximize Nintendo’s profit. I am curious to know if the CEO has had any thoughts about taking a step in that direction.

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