Role-playing for companies' personnel

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Role-playing enhances the cognitive skills and attitude based. The scientist noted that Human Prefrontal cortex related to the cognitive skills and these skills will affect people’s memory, perception etc. Besides, role plays focus all skills and it can train up human brain. In everyday situations, Salesperson needs to face numerous customers and deal with the problems.

Role-playing for personnel

It is a real-life training method to effectively improve trainees certain expression and body gesture, especially is train their communication skills.

To become a successful team, members should assist and corporate with each others (LePine, Piccolo, Jackson, Mathieu, & Saul, 2008). Team spirit is a key factor in the process. Trainees will receive a scenario and require to take on a role, such as a disgruntled employee or salesperson, so managers explore what is involved in the role. It can provide a script with the sufficient detail before roleplays, such as what trainees had learnt from lecture. Sometimes, employee’s body gesture and face expression may affect customer buying decision.

Thus, role play provide an opportunity for them, after the practice, they are able to do well on how to communicate with politeness and patience to customers.

Feedback in role plays

As a result, learning by doing and more ease to memorise through role plays. It reaches the objectives in an effective way. Then, after the role plays, Sales Managers can give appropriate feedback to trainees, for example: how they applied the skills that they learnt in the training programme. Immediate feedback can be obtained by knowing what have done.

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Moreover, other trainees guided the discussion and give suggestion to reinforce the concepts and skills showed in the role plays. Many companies has provided role play training for employees so that they can practical problems with better skills. Finally, trainees able to face particular problems of their performance. The Virgin America airline is a one of the case study by showing how they deal with “unruly passengers”. As IT company is the service industry, by learning the case, also is a chance to implement the types of improvement.

Social learning theory

During the role plays training, Social learning theory is included. In the Social learning theory, by observing role model behaviors, so that people have self-efficacy, gain the direct experience(Bandura,1977). Trainers have to observe learner’s learning and the memorizing abilities. If they can apply what they had learnt in the training. In addition, In Enactive Learning, through learning by doing, learners can observe others how to perform, is one of the ways of learning and apply in workplace in future if useful.

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