Philosophical Assessment of The Organization for Personnel Management

Topics: Sierra Leone

Annual report of the World Health Organization Sierra Leone, 2017:

  • The first necessary thing is setting the goals and objectives. If this is not done properly then all the next planned things would not work out properly. For fulfilling goals; proper planning, monitoring, quality maintenance, and supervision are needed.
  • Investment: According to the goal set one needs to get that much investment or funding done and plan accordingly. Teamwork is also very necessary for getting goals fulfilled. For example, as mentioned in the annual report, when the landslide occurred, they worked as a team and funded enough to get 1 million doses of the oral cholera vaccine to control the disease for the survivors.

  • One also needs to work in coordination with all different layers of management and staff to get any task accomplished. For example, in times of calamity, WHO coordinated with the ministry, government, community, etc to get the task of the disease control accomplished.
  • Training has to be provided to the staff according to the goals set.

    For example, for decreasing the child fatality rate, the staff was given training for emergency triage assessment and treatment programs for the children who need emergency care, which decreased the rate from 15 to 5%.

  • One needs to plan and consider leadership for the strategies to be carried out. For example, for controlling the maternal deaths, they had appointed leaders and had done intensive planning, and then implemented the quality care to get the results.
  • Providing training through different mediums like seminars, conferences, mentorship, lectures practical exercises, etc to achieve the goals and even set costs for it.

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    For example, Sierra Leone has the highest mortality rate for children and mothers after giving birth in the whole world, to decrease this rate drastically, they had trained their staff intensively to treat the complications occurring after childbirth and the rate got decreased drastically.

  • Enough staff has to be there for every planned thing/goal. For example, nowadays there is a shortage of nurses, but it is very necessary to maintain the nurse-to-patient ratio for an organization to run successfully.
  • While making strategies and policies one always needs to remain updated and use technology. For example, in Sierra Leone, for addressing mental health issues they had adopted the latest methods like creating awareness through flyers, organizing talk shows on television and radio, organizing competitions at schools for creating awareness, and finally encouraging people to reach out for help and resulted in decreasing the issues related mental drug-resistant health.
  • The environment also needs to be created open so that employees can tell their problems and get them solved and such environment generation is necessary so that employees can work efficiently.
  • Even for the retention of the employees, incentives are very necessary to survive in this cut-throat competition and work successfully. For example, in Sierra Leone, the workers are given planned retirement and other benefits to retain the experienced and successful staff.
  • One also needs to work for immunization and safety of the staff, for example, In Sierra Leone staff who was treating drug-resistant tuberculosis patients, were given immunization before they would treat those patients.
  • One also needs to inspect that all the strategies (HR monitoring) are working properly or not from time to time. If there is no issue then one does not need to make any changes, but when the goals are not fulfilled one needs to look out for the loopholes or SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis; work on them and get it done correctly.
  • Therefore, setting goals, planning, funding and daily costs, proper coordination, improved healthcare quality, leadership strengthening, strategies and policies updated from time to time, technology involvement, intersection and communication at all levels, participation of HR as the board of directors, enough staff and maintaining their ratio, their selection and retention, incentives to workers, training, creating an open and safe environment, HR monitoring and making changes, where needed, are important aspects in HR management.

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