Good and Evil Are Philosophical Categories

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The problem of good and evil has been of interest to mankind since ancient times. The duality of this world was seen as an opportunity to find the main guidelines that would allow you to choose your own life path.

Previously, many things were unambiguous for people, since there was no mixing of cultures. If a person was born in some kind of society, then, as a rule, he spent his entire earthly journey in identical conditions and did not change his own moral guidelines.

For such a person, there were quite understandable good and evil, they have always been.

For a modern person who knows how the concept of good and evil is interpreted by different cultures and different people, it is difficult to find a true reference point for himself. Even if a person is very limited and seeks to follow, so to speak, his tribe and his flock, then even in this version, his understanding may be shaken.

Now people are actively receiving new information and are not so blinkered. Therefore, every belief and every concept is regularly challenged. People begin to realize the relativity of understanding good and evil. Of course, we are often talking about some simple and everyday details. For example, a teacher who does not force you to do a lot in the lesson may seem kind, but maybe a teacher who exhausts his students in the classroom and can adequately pass the exam may be really kind?

There is no single answer, it is always relative in different situations.

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Therefore, a person needs to attend to the search for something absolute. Is there an objective truth that is completely universal for all situations – I ask myself the question, like thinkers of antiquity and modernity.

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Good and Evil Are Philosophical Categories
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