The Four Categories of Concepts of Politics as Power by Andrew Haywood

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This essay will discuss the concept of politics as powert This essay draws upon Andrew Haywood’s four categories of concepts, those being politics as the art of government, politics as public affairs, politics as compromise and consensus and politics as power.

Prior to describing the concept of politics as power this essay will explain the definition of politics, which is a contested concept, then Marxists and Feminist’s definition of politics as power, and finally, how politics is corrupting This essay will describe both positive points and limitations of this political point of view which is politics as power. According to Heywood most people think of politics simply as an academic subject. However, politics as power is the ability to achieve any outcome, regardless of the obstacle, Andrew Heywood describes one interpretation of politics as power in ‘faces of power’ for example the CEO of Apple could make the employees do things that the employees oprple would not do willingly.

The positive perk of politics as power is influence for example, the CEO has an influence over the employees in various ways for example as a CEO Apple could use his power to fire them if they do not do as they were told. According to Andrew Heywood Politics is the activity through which people make and amend the general rules they live by in their country and governments. However, there are different views that define politics as power such as Heywood states that the assumption of feminists is that is one group or an individual is controlled by another.

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However according to Heywood that Marxist’s definition of politics as power is one class dominating another, Heywood also suggests that thought control is the ability to influence individuals or groups for example the advertising industry could shape the way we think by using subliminal messages in adverts to put messages and ideas into our minds.

Additionally, the second face of power is power as agenda setting is the ability to prevent decisions being made for example the managers of a business if they implemented a new policy the CEO of the business can prevent it from happening, Politics as decision making consists of actions that influence the content of decisions for example the CEO of Ferrari would take a decision about creating a new concept super cart The limitations of the faces of politics as power influences the government and the public because their tend to be people who are opposed to this and supporters of different views, According to Heywood Lord action states that Political power is corrupting because it drives ‘those in power’ to exploit their position for personal advantage and at the expense of others.

This is expressed in aphorism: (1834-1902) ‘power corrupts and complete power tends to corrupt completely‘. However, people may not agree with politics due to the view of politics as self-serving and unprincipledi In conclusion politics as power is the ability to achieve any outcome regardless of the obstacle, however politics it self is a contested conceptr Having power as a politician allows you to have the power to eliminate competition what ever the cost. However, politics as power has its limitations such as people may not agree with politicians because politics is a cruel and manipulative social activity

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