The Will to Power in the Book, Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche

The will to power is a big focus in Nietzsche’s book “Good and Evil”. In his book, he talked about will to power as force that drive humanity. For this essay, I will talk about the will to power of an individual, and the will to power in a group I think there is a difference between the two and also how the group affects an individual’s will to power.

“A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength—life itself is will to power.” From this quote, Nietzsche says that if all living things are drive by will to power. Then we can say that as long if there is life, then the will to power is unavoidable We all have some kind of desire Whether the desire is strong or weak, we often pick a strong one over a weak one, This is no different for other animals. Animals has a desire too. A desire to live in a better environment, and drive to dominance over other species.

Not to be confused with will to survive, which only an instinct, will of power in animals is to strive instantly for a favorite conditions. Since life is will to power, then not only animals have it, but also plants, and fungit Plants and fungi are drive to grow, and to reproduce.

Humans are always tried to inflict or exploit our will into others. Every interaction or action toward another individual, is our desire to bring that person under our power.

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It doesn‘t matter who that person is, whether if he or she is in love, a millionaire, or a friend, the motives is still the same. It is our natural instinct to seek out for more power and dominance, because we’re drive by that. Along that way, we suffered, but suffering is not evil, suffering is a part of existence from nature. Because human are capable to think critically, the will to power are different for everyone. There is the will to power of an individual, and there is the will to power in a group, The will to power of an individual is not only exerting one‘s will over others, but also to improve one’s self, that is, the power to overcome any obstacles to achieve great things.

If a man has a problem or made a mistake, it is his desire to overcome that and improve himself. One can also desire to learn and to seek knowledge to improve one‘s virtue and values If his will to power is weak, he might not has the ability to rise and be powerful in his herd, If someone pity him and look down at him, he might not act strong because those feeling take away his natural instinct of will to power, Even though an individual has the will to power, the will to power of the group can weaken the will to power of an individual. Especially in society, where the will power is being compressed the society has a control over our will to power in a way, Especially if they in a certain group, For example, if an individual is in a Christianity religious group, he does not have the power, strength, or courage to do what he desires. There are certain rules that need to follow. Some rules that forbid the individual to act in a violent wayl Supposedly, if a man has strong desire to kill his neighbor, his desire would be compressed down due to his believe.

That is a set of rules by the Christianity religion. Like religion, the state also has something similar-the law. If a man is charged with a murder, that person is consider an enemy to the group. The group would put murderer in prison to stop him from doing it again. By putting the murderer in prison, his will to power is compressed by the state The will to power is in every one of us, it is part of nature, and part of our existence, and therefore, unavoidable. Our desire is to be on the top, influence our will to others, and to overcome obstacles, but our will to power can be weaken ,and being held tightly by the society If we get more laws, then our will to power will get restricted even more There’s a possible chance that our will to power will be too weak to rise up at some point.

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