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Meaning of the Color Red in the Movie, American Beauty
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After observing the movie American Beauty, I have done a few pieces of research It turns out that American beauty is actually a name of a type of roses. Its flower phase is really short but beautiful. The director uses this name here as a metaphor to present the leading man Lester Burnham‘s happy but fleet period before he died. The movie starts with Jane Burnham, Lester Burnham’s daughter, lying on the bed complaining about how bad her father is.…...
American BeautyDesireHappinessPsychology
Lack of Self-Discipline Augustine Faces Difficulties
Words • 752
Pages • 4
In book 8, Augustine faces a dilemma regarding whether to be baptized as a result of having two wills. Due to his lack of self-discipline, Augustine faces the difficulty of knowing what is right and wrong but is drawn to his temptations. He is trying to change who he is so that he can enter into a full relationship with God but is struggling with giving up his sexual desires, Even when he prays to God, he shows he is…...
DesireSelf DisciplineTheology
The Will to Power in the Book, Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
Words • 747
Pages • 3
The will to power is a big focus in Nietzsche’s book “Good and Evil”. In his book, he talked about will to power as force that drive humanity. For this essay, I will talk about the will to power of an individual, and the will to power in a group I think there is a difference between the two and also how the group affects an individual’s will to power. “A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength—life…...
DesireGood And EvilMetaphysics
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The Negative Influence of Reality TV on American Households
Words • 2105
Pages • 9
Reality TV has become a mainstream form of entertainment pervasive in most American households, Reality TV shows, which are highly rated these days involve real people with real problems in their life Reality TV tends to fall into six main categories, acceptance, family, curiosity, social contact, status and savings Regardless of the category, audiences feel a need to watch these not for “voyeuristic pleasure” but for a sense of self-gratification, According to Jaffe, “reality shows might reflect a desire for…...
AdolescenceDesireRealityReality Tv
Words • 3166
Pages • 13
Paper Type:Critical essays
Directed by Denis Villeneuve Blade Runner 2049 (2017) is a fantastic sci-fi movie displaying a dystopian alternative world scenario in which the current society of the world has fallen apart and shaped by a new hierarchical social order. In this alternative world, the lowest part of the social hierarchy is made up of the living things called “replicants” who are bio-engineered humans with enhanced strength produced for serving humans. The humans are placed above these population in the hierarchy naturally.…...
Cultural CapitalDesireHomelessnessPovertySpaceTime
Love and Women in Marvell and Keats
Words • 569
Pages • 3
Andrew Marvell was writing his piece in post civil war England, and he believed in the revolution and was a great fan of invention and new technology and was renowned for thinking forward, this is consequently reflected in his poetry. John Keats was writing at the time of the industrial revolution, and believed in romance and tradition, so he did not favour the industrialist age. Therefore this is also reflected in his poetry. 'His Coy Mistress' by Marvell is about…...
Andrew MarvellDesireLovePoetryTo His Coy Mistress
Meditation, Wisdom, and Morality in Buddhism
Words • 1329
Pages • 6
The following sample essay on "Meditation": together with wisdom and morality, is one of the central elements of Buddhism teaching (or path). There are several kinds of meditation mentioned in Pali Canon. Many of them are of the same origin as in other religious practices. But there two methods that seem to be genuine: formless mental trance and non-reactive awareness-of-a-subject. The main distinctive feature of a Buddhist meditator is that he doesn’t aim at experiencing or achieving unity with some…...
DesireHuman NatureMeditationMental Health
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