A Personal Experience with Good and Evil

Good and evil are total opposites In this Aesthetics class, we learned a lot about different paintings and some of these paintings have to do with good and evil. For instance, The Anatomy Lesson Drt Tulp is a good example of this because not only is he teaching a class for the greater good but, what he‘s doing could be interpreted as evil, However, considering this one example, is not enough to put it into perspective. That’s why in the next couple of slides, I will show you that they serve the example of why good and evil aren’t only total opposites but, can be put together as well.

The Crystal Palace is one of the many slides I have here. It represents good because it was built in Hyde Park, London to showcase technology advancements during the Industrial Revolution. The somewhat bad aspect of it, considering that year, is that the Industrial Revolution was the time when the technology started advancing and work became less difficult therefore, making it easier for workers to get their jobs done.

Also, the horrible working conditions were improved due to the Industrial Revolution as well. Without the Industrial Revolution, none of the advancements that we have today would have never came about Advancing in technology and just the world all around is important in order for evolution to make sense, Without evolution, we’d be at a standstill all of our life, The Crystal Palace must be a marvelous sight to see that maybe one day, I would get to see it in person.

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However, since the time of the Crystal Palace, we have advanced so dramatically, that it’ll get harder and harder to keep up with technology as we get older. However, without the Industrial Revolution, we may have never seen the Crystal Palace It would’ve never come to light. That’s one of the many reasons why the Industrial Revolution is one of the most significant events in history. The Anatomy Lesson of Drt Tulp is one that brings plenty of positive and negative aspects.

The ratio of light to darkness is just enough to show what’s going on, The light shining on the body but not the face signifies that he this man is dead. Dr. Tulp is showing his colleagues how the hand makes movements. In some cases, this can be seen as a learning experience, in other cases, this can be seen as a bad aspect. Some of his colleagues are looking away from the body as if they are squeamish Some people are looking at the audience as if to try and connect with them on a more physical level. Dri Tulp might also be a little squeamish because he isn’t look at the body either. Although, I do not believe that everyone in this image is squeamish but rather maybe can’t stand the smell emanating from inside of the arm or they just can‘t look at the inside of a human. The Tribute Money. In one instance, you notice what looks to be tours going on (or so it looks like it). In another instance, you see what looks to be some sort of deal going on. So, in what looks to be a tour going on, one can infer that the man in the orange robe is giving people a tour of the town and a brief history of it as well.

Also, he could be bringing all of his friends into town to have a little fun. In what seems to be a deal of sorts going on, the deal could be to sabotage the town. Or, plant a bomb to destroy it They could be just meeting each other for the first time. Or quite possibly, they could be making a trade off or one of them could be buying some sort of product they need. The day in the painting seems to be a cloudy day of sorts which could be another trigger for an event to take place. The Vietnam War Memorial is both a positive and negative type of good and evil. The positive type of good that comes from it is remembering the heroes that fought in the wars leading up to their deaths and without their heroism, we wouldn’t be in the world we are today. The negative type of evil is that every time you visit, you remember how they died and all of the sacrifices that led to their deaths. This also brings in the connotation that real heroes do exist in the form of soldiers yet, you might not be thinking that from the get go. Another negative aspect sort of looming about this photo is the fact that what we’re up against in the form of enemies. How exactly did each soldier die. What is to come in the future.

That’s a pretty scary thought to think of considering the ones that haven’t been in the military don’t know what it’s like. Now, one example for the group presentations would be that of the whole meditation activity. It was nice to get a chance to meditate and just calm myself into a state of clear thoughts. After that activity I felt extremely refreshed and was prepared to continue tackling the work I had to get done in preparation for finals and last day of classes The evil aspect of it is definitely sometimes when you meditate, you can become way too calm and comfortable and not be able to snap yourself out of it. At this point, you will require serious medical attention and I’d advise to not perform meditation until further notice. Although meditation is important, [here are other alternatives if it doesn’t work for you. Another positive aspect is that you‘re giving yourself much needed attention that you do need A negative aspect of this is taking advantage of it and using too much time and not spreading it out among other things.

Meditation is great for your overall health however, becoming too relaxed with it can be dangerous. For example, when you’re too relaxed, you become unresponsive in a sense and don‘t really know what’s going on. But, if you spend lets say 5-10 minutes a day meditating, you will notice your overall health improved, Eventually, you’ll want to expand your time when you have become more adjusted to it but definitely don’t meditate for more than 10 or so minutes when first starting out The meditation we did in class was great however, it should’ve been for a shorter time period to give the other members of the group some time as well Another one of the group presentations was one of the first ones in regards to the different types of emotion and telling a story. The whole presentation was well put together however, the presentation didn’t really take full effect until Claudia read her story. I feel as if something is done using technology, the full essence of it is taken away.

However, when you write or in this case type up a real life story (at least it seemed that way), words do hit you the most then because you can really relate to what is being said For instance, I can relate to Claudia‘s story because, when I was around 12 or 13, my grandfather, who was a father figure to me, had passed away That had hit me extremely hard and it was one of the big reasons why I matured at such a fast rate. So, sharing personal experiences really do help you grasp the entire point of a presentation or even an objectt Also in this case, actions and words sort of have the same level of appreciation because, Claudia’s story really hits hard at home and her movements along with it, really helped give off maximum emotional effect. The whole idea of the presentation that involved storytelling is that looking at fairy tales orjust anything from a historical or different point of view gives you the option of creating a timeline of events that may or may not have happened because, that is the glory in creating a story.

For instance, Claudia took a real life event, added vulgar language yet kept it as real as possible and even with the vulgar language being used, it was still emotional and delivered effectively on her partt Even if you were to take a real life event, add some parts that aren‘t all that true, you could still effectively deliver it despite it might not have the same amount of emotional power to iL Now, getting into the first part of the second class that Maggie and Jake taught, the short activity where we had to introduce ourselves and they gave us advice based on what we had to improve on to do a second time around, really helped me understand how to improve not just as a student, but as a Theatre minor as well. Simple activities like they presented to us, is what helps us improve in not only as students but in our everyday lives as well The activity has mostly positive aspects rather than negative aspects This activity can help you overcome stage fright, you learn how to speak loud and clearly, you improve your posture to give other people the full effect, and you’re also in the process of what acting school is like.

Many people do suffer from stage fright but, also fear presenting in front of a classroom of people. This activity not only helps to increase your confidence but, it enables you to get creative on how you either heighten or lower your voice and the way you go about making eye contact with people. With some people, an activity done in Maggie and Jake’s first part of the second class was an eye opener as to them getting to know us a little better and the class getting to know them bettert If we would‘ve done an activity similar to this the first class, I feel as if we could’ve just jumped into whatever it was that we were doing for the second class. In the second part of the second class, we not only analyzed Hamlet but, Maggie and Jake also acted it out. This whole activity gave us a sneak peek of exactly how good not only the actors are but, all of the different variables they have to take in for consideration If you aren’t used to it, it can definitely be complex to get the hang of but, if you have been acting for quite a long time then, you‘ll be all good.

The positive aspect to this is the fact that we got a glimpse of how good the Brown Trinity Repertory is and what we have to look forward to seeing if we ever go see a play they put on. A negative aspect of this is the fact that we did not get to see them put on the entire play or at least a fairly good portion of it Analyzing a scene from Hamlet was fun and educational, As a Theatre minor, 1 wish Maggie and Jake would’ve performed the part before it as well. Or, at the very least, we would have performed a part from Hamlet as a class Although, naturally, some of Shakespeare’s plays are quite confusing due to the time and age gap, However, when they performed a scene from Hamlet, I understood what was going on right away Doing things like this in ways that interest you is what will help you to understand it quite easily There acting, movements, andjust everything about that one scene told an entire story and that’s exactly what should happen If everything you do doesn‘t tell a story, then you need to reassess everything you’ve done leading up to that moment.

From my personal experience, good and evil come in many shapes, forms, and sizes For instance, my own experience with my grandfather’s death is an evil event He was a great person and truly didn’t deserve death. A good event in my life is discovering Martial Arts sometime after his death as a means of coping with this tragic event My accomplishments and opportunities that I have received are all good things that have happened in my life. A year ago, I would have never imagined my life the way it currently is. I’m grateful for everything I have accomplished thus far. Another positive aspect from my personal experience is the fact that I successfully graduated high school and am currently a college student, Without the suppon of not only my teachers but my parents and close friends as well, I wouldn’t have become half the person I am today Another positive aspect from my personal experience is that I am my own person and that I do not follow the crowd in what they do. A negative aspect in my personal experience is how people choose to do the more popular thing (that might not make them happy) whereas they choose to do what everyone else‘s doing because they don’t want to see uncool or unpopular.

Altogether, good and evil are complete opposites but in a way coincide with each other. From bad experiences to good experiences we all have different ways in defining good and evil and certainly different methods of portraying good and evil. The slides I chose were good ways of portraying good and evilt More good examples that I made mention of were the group presentations, the two classes with Maggie and Jake, and my own personal experiences with good and evilt All of the group presentations were great overall and they were all filled with intriguing information The two classes with Maggie and Jake were both fun and educational, I hope something like this continues to happen each semester. My own personal experiences with good and evil are an excellent way to top everything off and really put it all together.

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