Violent Role-Playing and Debated Subjects

One of the most commonly debated subjects throughout society is whether or not violent video and roleplaying games are dangerous to teens. I realize that most people think violent video games have a damaging effect on teens, however multiple studies have revealed they have quite a positive impact.

Not only do these games help strengthen cooperation abilities and teamwork, but it additionally improves developing social skills that are a necessity in today’s modern-day life. When playing a role-playing game like “Killer” you have to learn to work together.

But even when playing most online violence oriented video games like PUBG, there is an option to play with other people rather than bots, not only developing teamwork over a screen but also a social skill most teens now lack.

Now some may say that violence influenced games to expose teens to unnecessary violence, but is it really that unnecessary? Nowadays no matter how hard you try you can’t erase violence.

So, instead of bubble wrapping a teen, and hitting them with the harsh reality of life later as an adult, wouldn’t it be better for them to be slowly exposed to violence and learn how to control and deal with it, rather than be thrown cold into it? Yet, Parents continuously believe that even the tiniest amount of violence will majorly hurt their child.

Although often ridiculed as demonic, video and roleplaying games involving violence actually help stop teens from acting violently towards others. When most teens get upset with somebody they always end up wanting to hurt them, their mind automatically goes to blood and physical pain.

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But instead of Actually acting violently towards them most teens go straight to video games. Violent video games act of sort of an “…an outlet for their aggression” (Michal Kaplan, 2016) So, even though thought to create violence in this world they are slowly easing more violence out of the world.

On top of video games being overall good for children, they are entertaining as well. Many children enjoy playing these entertaining games as a release from both reality and school gave stress most students have to endure. But what about violent role-playing games, is that too much violence for a child? As everyone knows, playing, in general, is essential to the health of a child. Playing helps develop many things for a child, being the friendly “rough and tumble play” (Darcia F. Narvaez Ph.D., 2010) The cold hard truth? Children in today’s world don’t get enough time to play. Meaning children growing up in this generation don’t have as much experience with rough and tumble play as other children might, giving them a disadvantage in the future. So because violent video and role-playing games are important for children’s health, learning ability, and future in this world, they are essential for both children and teens in this current generation.

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Violent Role-Playing and Debated Subjects
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