A Comparison of Ichigo Kurosaki and Ichimaru Gin from the Anime Bleach

Pierce the heavens. Kill the gods. These powers seem similar but belong to two vastly different characters. Ichigo Kurosaki and Gin Ichimaru aimed to stop Aizen, a man who threatened to kill the Soul King. Ichigo is impulsive, strong-willed, and honorable while Gin is manipulative, sarcastic, and sadistic. While both have immense power that can even change landscapes, they are two very differing characters. Ichigo Kurosaki is a stereotypical teenage hero. He gets into fights, doesn’t do well in school, and is quite hot-headed.

He is also quite impulsive. He immediately jumps into an untested portal between the spirit world and human world despite knowing that if it doesn’t work he would be trapped in a limbo between both worlds forever. When faced with adversity Ichigo is strong-willed. He refuses to accept help from the inner spirit inside him because he loses control of himself when he does.

Ichigo also refuses to join the King of the Quincies even though it seems as if he will succeed in destroying the Soul Society.

On top of all this, he is quite honorable. When one of his friends was getting beat up by thugs he rescued him. Ichigo can very easily fit the role of the common trouble-maker, teen hero. On the other hand though, Gin Ichimaru could very easily fit a villain role. He likes to toy with through psychological manipulation. His snake-like demeanor puts most people off and makes them wary of him and he uses this to make people uncomfortable.

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Gin manipulates Rangiku’s feelings for him to put her off so he can accomplish his goal of killing Aizen. Gin is very sarcastic to enemies that allies alike too. When the gate keeper of the Soul Society loses to Ichigo and opens the gate to the Soul Society Gin comments on how strong he is to be able to open the gate before cutting him down easily.

The most notable trait of Gin is his sadism. When a 1 l used this quick burst because the action of Bleach is very fast-paced and because the powers of the characters also help show who the characters are. These two powers of the characters show how the two reach beyond the stars to try and defeat larger than life characters. criminal was sentenced to death, he offered to help her escape before teasing her and telling her it was just a joke to destroy the built peace that she came to about the execution. Even though he has the same goal as Ichigo to stop Aizen he has a very“ villainous” personality. These two are very differing characters who can easily fit modern roles of a hero and a villain despite having the same goals. The author made them vastly different to possibly show how even similar upbringings and morality can result in different paths. Ichigo had a strong dislike for Gin while Gin had a lot of contempt for Ichigo. Ultimately, though, both gained the respect of each other at Gin’s death with an understanding of what must be done to stop Aizen.

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