The Similarities and Differences Between Anime and Cartoons

Many people love a good animation; Japanese Anime and Western Cartoons, for example, are popular when it comes to animations. Although Japanese Anime and Western cartoons are both animations, they both also have their differences. Both anime and cartoons show similarities and differences in styles, stories, and certain audiences. Japanese Anime and Western Cartoons are both hand drawn by a variety of artists. Animators animate anime and cartoons through slides and they also animate them by computer. While Japanese Anime and cartoons are both created the same way, they both also have different art styles.

All Japanese Anime normally would have large eyes and a small mouth. Anime also looks very similar to reality than Western Cartoons. Western Cartoons on the other hand, have features that are not related to the rest of the body.

Both Japanese Anime and Western Cartoons share great stories and genres such as romance, comedy, horror, and more. For example, Japanese Anime has a show called “Romeo X Juliet” while Western Cartoons have a variety of shows about Romeo and Juliet.

Although they both share some similar stories, they both have their own unique way of showing their stories. When it comes to romance, Japanese Anime usually has more unique stories with more imagination and fantasies. For comedy, anime tends to change the style of their normal characters to sometimes in a style known as “Chibis” in which they are adorable, small, bloat up looking people versions of art and animation. When it comes to horror, anime mostly based them to reality and show precise details on certain situations.

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Western Cartoons, however, when it comes to romance, cartoons normally stick with some real-world romance and some fantasy romance, but mostly they go for reality. Comedy-wise, cartoons provide lots of jokes on the physical and on the mental side to keep the audience laughing. And as for horror, cartoons are less frightening depending on the cartoon; they also don’t show as much detail and they tend to have adult comedy to keep it entertaining, depending on the audience and show.

The similarities between Japanese Anime and Western Cartoons audiences is that they are for all ages, but depending on the content they have, they are filtered to either Adult only, 13+, or everybody. The differences between them when it comes to audiences is that Japanese Anime is more on the adult side because of some of its content. Unlike anime, Western cartoons have more shows where educational purposes are concerned and do not have very many adult content than anime have. In conclusion, no matter what audience one can talk about, both Japanese Anime and Western Cartoons stand out as the biggest pieces of entertainment besides movies. Japanese Anime and Western Cartoons are both entertaining animations in their part and both having their own unique ways of showing what their styles can provide and what more to come from them; both of them giving unique and similar stories, events and even a catch to make someone feel like they are actually in the animation with the characters.

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