Similarities And Differences Between Emma And Clueless

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Emma and Clueless represent two different aspects of the society and times mainly through how the two women carry themselves, mainly to their peers and the men they are interested in. When viewing both trailers I did not think there would be many similarities because the time frames were so different but, there are many similarities between the two. One is that Cher and Emma’s backgrounds are very similar. They both live in wealth with their fathers after their mothers had passed away.

They also had one person they were interested in that was bad for them. In Emma one of the characters Frank was a bad choice for her because he was engaged to another woman, and in Clueless Christian was not a great match for Cher because he happened to be gay. Differences I noticed by viewing the trailer are the way the woman both carry themselves. I feel as though Emma was trying to impress the man she was with by doing things you wouldn’t normally see a woman doing.

But Cher does the opposite and kind of acts clueless and uses her looks for attention. How does each version reflect the culture and period in which they exist? The setting of Emma is in the nineteenth century located in England, while Clueless takes place in Beverly Hills, California sometime in the early ‘90s. Now, I was not born until the year 1998 but, since I watched Clueless I can say that they chose a great place to represent Cher.

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Even in today’s culture when you think of famous icons, such as The Kardashians; they also live in California with the same type of attitude and lifestyle Cher lives. Both Emma and Cher are young women who are high class and are people who have power related to who they know or how wealthy they are, short for, the elite. Money is important for both societies because money represented power, which would have given the girls a sense of advantage when trying to find a perfect guy for them. Because of their wealth, you can see both women are spoiled and feel obligated to get exactly what they want whether it’s clothes, jewelry, or even men. Emma appears to portray the beauty, self-esteem, and intelligence of an ideal or perfect woman should be in her period. Cher has everything a girl wants! Such as a nice car, living in a mansion, and even having an endless supply of clothes(my favorite). And with all their wealth, they overtime came to believe that they deserve more than the average person.

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