Men in To Build a Fire and Trap of Gold: Similarities and Differences

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Compare and Contrast “To Build a Fire” and “Trap of Gold”, two stories which tell of two men who have the odds of nature stacked against them, from which only one man makes it out alive. Both men are very alike but at the same time very different. They have different characteristics and intentions. “To Build a fire” by Jack London and “Trap of Gold” by Louis L’Amour have some similar qualities. The characters in them, the man in “To Build a Fire” and Wetherton in “Trap of Gold”, have many similarities and differences, as in their lessons they teach, their intentions and characterizations, and their experience.

“To Build a Fire” and “Trap of Gold” are very similar in many ways, including how they both teach a lesson of self-endurance. Although their lessons are different, they both have the same concept; do not let yourself be controlled by unnecessary wantingness. “To Build a Fire” shows what could happen when you ignore the advice of a more experienced person than yourself, even if one thinks they have enough experience.

“Trap of Gold” shows what could happen when the power of being able to have as much as you want, even though one might not need any more, takes you over and drives you into what you had gone over and over again in your head of what would happen if you did not stop yourself.

Also the characters in both “To Build a Fire” and “Trap of Gold” were very different and similar in many ways.

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The intentions of the man in “To Build a Fire” were only to get to camp with the other boys, and since the temp was 50 to 70 degrees below zero he soon lost feeling in his hands and feet and could not build a fire, then he later froze to death. Wetherton’s intentions in “Trap of Gold” were to get gold to have money for his family. He only wanted to help the people around him, until he couldn’t stop himself from wanting and getting more and more even though he had all that he had come for and that getting that last little bit that he didn’t necessarily

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