A Study on the Effects of Anime on the Lifestyle of People

The word anime [pronounced as “ah -knee -may”] is an abridgement for animation, it was coined around 1970s. While in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is delineated as a style of animation that originated from Japan that uses colorful images of 2D characters with strong and remarkable personality in a story full of action. As for the anime.about.com, anime in Japan is used to pertain “all animation”.

Anime is a kind of medium before it’s launched on televisions it started as a Manga, as given meaning by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it is a Japanese illustrated novel.

This term “manga” was came up by an artist named Hokusai, it came from the word “man” meaning “lax or whimsical” and “ga” that means “picture”. And Hokusai used this term to pertain his artworks.

Year 1947 -after the world war II, Osamu Tezuka became a mangaka -a manga author/illustrator, released his first manga entitled Shintakarajima (known as New Treasure Island). This was the first anime manga created unlike the previous works back those years, illustration of stories that was drawn in scrolls are called manga.

After 4 years Tezuka created the milestone in manga, he created the Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy, as it was famously known in many nations. While back in 1948, the Toei Animation was founded and 10 years later they introduced the first ever colored anime film: The Tale of the White Serpent, around the same time the Mushi Productions released Astro Boy in 1963 gaining a vast popularity, Astro Boy was declared as the first popular anime series.

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Year after year, Tezuka became a pioneer in anime, and being the man behind the success of anime and manga he was referred to as “The Father of Anime and Manga”. Anime and Manga are often mistaken the same as Cartoons and Comics, but they’re not.

Anime fans and Manga readers or generally referred as the Otakus -anime enthusiast, can summarize the difference of anime and manga from cartoons and comics in two words: “It’s different”, because unlike cartoons that is specifically made for children anime is made for all ages that’s also the reason why anime and manga have MPAA rating (G, PG-13, R, NC-17 and etc.) or Parental Guidelines to indicate what are intended viewers for that media. Anime and Manga may have been largely influenced by cartoons and comics but Japanese artist manage to maintain their own artistic traditions and created their own style, and with that Anime and Manga are now an international phenomenon enjoyed by various kind of people in all ages affecting real life behavior and social trends making people have new interests or hobbies.

With the continuous increase of anime popularity and its booming influence around the globe the researcher chose to discuss this subject and know its effects with the lifestyle and social interactions of different people. The researcher’s interests with anime and manga also affected the reason behind this study. Also the continuous division among people and their chosen group of friends is one of the subjects to be discussed in this study and whether anime and manga really do them either a negative or a positive effects in terms of lives and friendships.

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