The Struggle of the Old and New Generations of Japan

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The vast growing population of Japan contributes to the creation of a new culture while many older more respectful people hold true and keep their ideas and traditions all in one demanding country. As some may think of Japan for their popular assets such as sumo wrestling, origami, or their amazing food, there is more to them than meets the eye. Japan’s modern culture in comparison to their old and more traditional ways add the effect of new technology as well as their globally popular ways of entertainment.

The culture of japans historic and old traditions are still alive and in practice around the country. But with growing generations and millions of populations, Japan is also infused with some of todays ‘popular cultures’.

Today’s Japan consists of a mass of young people infused with new technology surrounded by the waves of popular media.The modern culture consists of their music(J-Pop) , TV Shows (Anime), and Manga which they are popularly known and appreciated for all around the world.

Anime, more specifically, which originates from Japan have become a world-wide phenomenon. Popular Anime or Manga (comics) are such as Pokémon, Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z have inherited such a large fan base around the world and even inspire conventions for people who love the genre. With the addition of conventions comes a hobby which many attend to show off a certain character by dressing like them from head-to-toe, they call it Cosplay, a mixture of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’.

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Instead of attending to meet many others with the same interest, many go to simply view the amazing Cosplay that people have and spend a lot of time on.

There is also a very respectful population that do not disrupt or make fun of such events that occur in their local area, probably due to the fact that there are far more unusual events between adults, some of which are cafes. There are two very distinct cafes in Japan in their modern-day culture. Mostly because of the themes that accompany them and their style. There are such things as ‘Cat Café’ which is where many go in order to have a normal cup of coffee perhaps but with a room filled with, you guessed it, cats. There is a theory which suggest that many people are interested in these cafes because many apartments in Japan forbid the ownerships of pets and so many provide themselves with a visit in order to escape the urban life and the vast population. There are also ‘Maid Cafés’ where the servants are dressed as maids and provide a place to really express yourself through crafts or drawings. The idea of a Maid Café is generally to fulfill the fantasies created from certain popular Manga or Anime by the use of calling customers ‘master’ or even casting a chant over a tea to enhance the flavor.

A such for the traditional culture that has been influenced by many religions like Confucianism, Taoism, and Shamanism. Confucianism having to do with the many relations that most people have with family members, co-workers, friends, or even complete strangers. Taoism emphasizes on the relation between mother nature and man. Shamanism focuses more on a mystical or super-natural relation with man. However, much of traditional culture comforts in materialistic art. Some that are much as theatre or entertainment such as, Kabuki or Noh. Kabuki is essentially where people use make-up such as face painting or styling dresses to perform dances which express emotions and are capable of illustrating a story. Noh on the other hand is similar in some respects like the style of dressing and the dance performance. But instead of using face painting, performers use mask and provide dancing which has been a practice of the Japanese culture since the 14th century. While some traditions express entertainment, others are more of a common pastime. Tea Ceremonies are, and have been, a very respected activity. There are qualification necessary in order to serve or prepare tea which shows the care that many people have over the ceremony. It is important to show discipline and maturity in the ceremonies to contribute to the many steps that are to be maintained in a formal manner.

There are many similarities between the old and more modern culture and traditions. The more common one is the emphasized use of art. Despite the different ways they are proclaimed, like from the use of costumes to the performance of dancing, the two time periods portray the craft, skill, and technique overall. The two cultures also captivate the maturity and respectfulness that surrounds the country like the tea ceremonies, which display a formal and respectful manner. To the Cosplay events where many people conceal a less hateful attitude to those who attend such events but are rather respectful and kind to one another.

The culture of Japan, although different in aspect from the past to our present, still provides the artistic and respectful manner. It is one of the few places in the world with minimal crime and cruelty. The people of this country are and have been of a growing in population, despite the laws given in order to control the situation the country is still an example of how a crimeless society can go a long way.

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