"Death Note. Book 1. Boredom" Review

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Kono nooto ni namae o kakareta ningen wa shinu – The human whose name is written in this note shall die – A man whose name will be written in this notebook will die It’s hard to write a review for the manga.. Especially on this! Irrepressible delight always a skepticism or worse, waiting for something quite incredible, and as a result a disappointment. Therefore, I try to temper their ardor and restraint write no way to stop! Whether it’s a manga, anime or game film – off non-WHO-WMS-but! The plot is elegant, honed, unexpected, clever and confused.

What would happen if the God of Death Ryuuk bored in his desert world and decide for fun to throw his gun murder people? Simple A4 notebook in the ticker on the flyleaf which sets out the basic rules for the use, the first of which I rendered as much as an epigraph in three languages, falls to the ground.

And luck is bored Ryuuku gets into the right hands.

Light Yagami, a high school student, he could not even dream of such a gift of fate – now he can make the world a better and cleaner, killing murderers, rapists, robbers, against whom the law was powerless. To do this, Yagami now have it all: an easy, safe and fast method of killing, great brains and the glory and the many fans who soon realized that in the world there is a new force – Cyrus (from the English killer.) What? Think – fu, how boring, another idiot decided to take over the world? Buuu! You’re not right! Do not hurry, because it’s only the beginning!

The most delicious begins when for Kira declared hunting, and comes into play L.

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That is where the battle of the giants begins by observing that, you will be unable to either stop reading / viewing, or to guess that they will take the next move . Such combinations you have not met! Holmes reveals the full only when he has to fight against someone equal to him on the level of intelligence – Moriarty. So our heroes excel in their deadly game, and this game touches a nerve! What kind of people! What kind of minds !!! One word – tensai !

But this is only a story, but to them dignity and “goodies” are not exhausted. Take the characters – that no way, the whole nature, and his psychology, with its principles and habits, with their train of thought and philosophy of life, with his soul and mind. Light, L, Misa, god of death – they are all alive, all unforgettable, all become the target of jokes and art fans, and again evoke inspiration and new ideas, so good, right?

If you try posoblaznyat deep and philosophical content, is without a shadow of exaggeration: the problem is that is placed almost like Dostoevsky – “I’m trembling creature or have the right.” Think about it: you have on hand is Notebook, writing in which the name of the offender, you kill it. Heart attack – and not have it anymore. After you kill only criminals! Is it bad?! Do not you separate the “wheat from the chaff?” Do not clean the ranks of the “men”? You do not protect ordinary citizens from criminals who can not catch or caught, found innocent? There is not even old Pawnbroker. Here purposeful cleaning world. And yet the result is achieved – crime has almost disappeared. So why Cyrus was wrong </ p>

Take a look at yourself?! – would not you like to live in a world where criminals get what they deserve .. Where serial killers are not wandering the streets, where it is not rape women and children? where in the alley nobody robbed and beaten? BUT? Want to. But is it possible that this function took the man? No. And why we decided that it would deal with somebody else? Who was Cyrus? ?? Kami-sama (? God) Akuma (? Devil) There is something to think about, right.

A few words about the three persons of the story -. Manga, with which it all began, anime, which is almost her repeats, and movies that develop the same story several different scenario. If you ask my opinion, I would say the following: “You can read manga or watch anime – your choice, but the film – look necessarily, and when and if you say it’s bad – you are my sworn enemy for life. .  Especially pay attention to the actor playing L – say Matsuyama Kenichi great in this role – to say nothing “</ p>For the record: manga – 12 volumes, anime – 37 episodes, movies I do not know a single person who would say that the Death Note – it’s boring. It is therefore called a review Japanese exclamation, which can be translated as “Class! Super! Delight!” White envy envy those who have yet to partake of this apple! (By the way, you know – Death Gods love apples!)

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"Death Note. Book 1. Boredom" Review
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