My Love for Shoujo Anime for Girls

Wazzup my weebs and squeebs and everyone else, I hope you’re having a nice day. I’m back with another blog, that’s right, two blogs in a row. Hopefully, it’d be three if I don’t procrastinate. I’ve been procrastinating on these and it really sucks. Please send motivation in the comments so I can survive the rest of the 14 days, because yes, this is another blog for the lovely challenge about love. I love the concept of love and I am in love and I want love so I won’t stop writing about love and how much I love it.

Like in this blog. Is day 6 of the love challenge, and it’s my third entry. Today I’m excited because the topic is something I love. That’s right, so let’s get right into it.Today’s a very special topic… SHOUJO! I absolutely love shoujo because of all the love and the absolute cheesiness included in it.

Shoujo means anime for girls, and it sure is right for the girl writing this blog, because I love to watch them so much.

Shoujo might not be my favorite genre, but it’s definitely up there. It has the perfect combination of romance, comedy, good characters, and a good plot. The art style is also different from the rest. I just absolutely love Shoujo, and they’re perfect to talk about for Valentine’s. However, there’s one that easily stands above the rest in my opinion, and if you know me you know the words I’m about to type next.

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*cue music*Sorry, but yes, that’s correct. Ouran High School Host Club is my all time favorite shojou anime. I love it so much. So so much. It’s just amazing and perfect and great and I love it. Ouran High School Host Club is an anime about exactly what it says, it’s an anime about the one and only Host club of Ouran High. With its mixture of love and hot boys, it’s the perfect shoujo for all. It’s also really sweet and has a great meaning to it.

The story is a romantic comedy that follows the crazy life of Haruhi. She’s a transfer student at Ouran, and she’s ready to live a normal life as a good student until those plans are ruined when she stumbles into the Third Music Room. That is where the host club of six boys who serve sweets and tea habitats. Haruhi breaks a vase while she’s there, and it’s a rich school so it’s an expensive vase, and next thing you know Haruhi is a host herself. However, she’s a girl. She looks like a boy though, so it’s okay. But because she’s actually a girl, all sorts of things can happen, like(you’ve guessed it!) ROMANCE! That’s right, this anime is full of love and romance and sweetness. It’s truly amazing. Which is why it’s my favorite shoujo anime. As I explained before, OHSHC is an anime about the one and only Ouran Host Club and it’s great members. Haruhi breaks the vase, so that leads her to a job as a host. Even though she’s a girl, she looks like a boy and many people love her. Even though she joined just to pay off her debt, Haruhi began to like it because of the friendships she’d made and the fun the whole group had.

The hosts; Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Honey, and Mori, all join Haruhi in a fun adventure of love. The anime is somewhat slice of life as there is a different plot on most of the episodes, but then again there are a few specials. The anime is also very comedic, as it’s a rom-com. But don’t be fooled by that, it also has deep meaning, lots of drama, and of course, romance. The plot of this anime is perfect for any shojou fan. I personally absolutely adore this plot. I just love everything about it. For one, it’s completely unique. I don’t know of any other anime with a plot like this. The idea of a reverse harem in a club full of hosts is honestly great. I also really love the way the plot is overall played out. It all goes together so well. I like every different plot of each episode because it really sticks to the idea while also being funny, interesting, and adorable. It’s also great to see how the character’s change throughout the anime. Their relationships do too, it’s always really nice to see how much Haruhi and the hosts have gotten closer. Near the end, there’s some nice meaning and it gets really emotional. It’s really nice to see. Honestly, I almost cried just of happiness. It was just so good.

The plot is absolutely amazing, and it definitely makes the anime.Now of course, what’s a good anime without good characters? OHSHC also has amazing characters, and there isn’t even a character that I despise. All the protagonists are in depth and have lots of character development. They’re just amazing.First, of course, we have our one and only protagonist. Haruhi is a teenage girl who transferred to Ouran High. She’s a very kind and thoughtful person, despite often being straight-forward. Haruhi is also very strong-willed and hard working, no matter what it comes to. She has a great personality and is a great character. Now, what was most impressive about her is how unique she is. Personally, I’ve never seen a protagonist like her. She’s a reverse-trap main character of a shoujo anime who is also very kind and responsible and also, of course, has a harem. By that description, she seems very weird but honestly, her character is just great.

She also is very relatable and has great character development. She goes along with the anime very well, and she is completely different at the end of the anime compared to the beginning. In a good way. Overall, she’s absolutely amazing and a perfect protagonist for this great anime.Next, of course, we have the hosts. Whom I personally love with all my heart. We have the leader, Tamaki, the smart one, Kyoya, the charming twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, the shota, Honey, and the strong one, Mori. Yep, all of them are absolutely amazing. First, let’s start with the one and only leader: Tamaki Suho. He’s my personal favorite. We all have our favorite hosts, but in my opinion, he’s the best because of his in-depth character, great character development, great backstory, and of course, his amazing personality. He has everything I look for in a character. Which is why I love him and think he’s a great character. Then there’s Kyoya, who I also think is amazing. He also has great character development and an especially great backstory. I love how he has that stereotype of “the smart one” because if you know me, you know that I love smart anime characters. So Kyoya is also overall amazing. Then, of course, we have Hikaru and Kaoru, whom I also absolutely love.

They’re the quirky twins who are both very similar yet very different, but they both look great. I really love their personalities, and what I especially love about them is their relationship with each other and how they react to things in the story of the anime. Both of them get great character development too. They are also great, and I just love them. Next, of course, is everyone’s favorite shota, Honey. He’s also amazing and I love him with all my heart. He’s adorable and has a great personality. His backstory is also super interesting, I mean, no one would’ve guessed what he really was. He’s also a great character. Honey is also just amazing overall. Finally, we have the last host, Mori.

Mori is another host who I also love with all my heart. Even though he’s a lot quieter compared to the rest, he is a great character with lots of interesting actions. His personality is also great, he seems like the strong quiet type. What I love most about him is his relationship to Honey and his backstory. He’s also amazing. Well, that’s all the hosts. All I can say about them is that tHEY’RE ALL SO AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM ALL AND I WISH I COULD HUG ALL OF THEM- ok sorry, but you get my point. They’re great.The final thing I’ll talk about is the animation and music of this anime. Animation and music are key parts of any anime, and they could make or break it. If the animation is trash, no one will watch it. If the music is trash, no one will watch it. If both are amazing, lots of people will watch it, and if you add that to a good plot and characters, lots of people will love it. It’s just extremely important. And let me tell you, OHSHC nails both. Despite being old, the animation and music are both great. Obviously, the animation isn’t the best because it is an older anime, but I love the shojou art style and everything is so smooth. Not only is the animation smooth, but it’s beautiful too. All the backgrounds and scenes are detailed and pretty, they all have a specific color scheme(mostly pink, white, and blue) which fits the anime perfectly.

It makes the anime and characters really nice to look at. And that’s important in an anime about hosts. The music is also brilliant too. It really sets the mood; it fits the anime perfectly but also sounds beautiful. It fits all the scenes too, and it’s often catchy. Oh, and of course the opening and ending are amazing. Like, really amazing. The opening is super catchy, I sing along every time. The ending is also catchy, and it catches emotions perfectly. Both the animation and music of this anime are great and perfectly go along with the great plot and characters. Welp, that’s all. If you couldn’t tell, I love this anime so much. So so much. I love it with all my heart. It’s by far my favorite shojou anime. The plot is great, it’s really unique, interesting, and exciting. The characters are also great, they all are great character’s, have great personalities, and are very interesting. The music and animation are great too. Every single thing about this anime is great. To me, it’s perfect and will always remain one of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed the blog hopefully I can get another love blog out tomorrow. Thank you, and have a splendid day!

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