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Don’t need to see people getting murdered in order to enjoy a show, but there needs to be some sense of dire stakes. I mean, come on. Deku breaks his arms one too many times, so now he has scars that recovery girl can’t heal. Then shortly afterwards, he gets his full cowl upgrade and never worries about that again. Endeavor gets his eyeball gorged out while fighting with a full powered Nomu, but then he’s perfectly fine a few days later.

Eraser Head got absolutely brutalized by the League of Villains at the end of season one. But after a couple episodes of wearing bandages, he’s right back to normal. I really like Aizawa, but he shouldn’t have just walked this off (Although I believe he may have received a slight loss in eyesight, so that could be considered a casualty).

The only major death on the good guy’s team is Sir Nighteye if I recall correctly.

But everyone seemingly moved on from that in a chapter or two. Hell, he was just introduced in that arc anyways. And aside from All-Might’s retirement, the only other major casualty I can think of is Mirio losing his quirk. But he still seems perfectly fine without it! The cast of Hero Aca is just so lovable and innocent that I doubt any of them will be biting the dust or getting seriously damaged anytime soon. Especially considering that there’s a hero who literally heals all of their injuries with kisses.

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And that sucks because their lives shouldn’t be this easy if they’re gonna become pros one day.

As I said before, I like shounen. I’m an African American Dragon Ball fan, for god’s sake. But I don’t go to shounen for complex stories with meaningful themes. He’ll, I don’t even go to anime for that most of the time. I go to shounen to watch buff dudes with spiky hair beat each other up. And MHA has that, but it’s quite limited. Despite being a series about SUPERHEROES, we spend most of our time watching a bunch of pre-teens training, decorating their dorms, and becoming friends. It’s not even in like Teen Titans styled storytelling, where the super kids go on adventures and bounce off one another with no grownups to boss them around. In MHA, the cast restricted to a school environment with laws preventing them from freely using their quirks. As well as soooo many sports festivals and training exercises😩

Now to be fair, the shounen formula has its perks. While slow, we get more time to flesh out characters, which is good for a cast as large as hero aca’s. Almost everyone has their goals and struggles explored. And feats/accomplishments feel a lot more impactful since we’ve watched our heroes slowly build up to them. But still, the slow pace keeps action to a minimum. We have to wait months for an actual villain vs. hero battle because we’re spending ten chapters on Deku and friends singing in a band. If this were solely a slice of life teen series, then I wouldn’t mind it at all. But this is the anime where a buff blonde dude went one on one with a bird monster. And instead of focusing on that, we watch a 12 year old’s reaction to Mina’s ass… Alright, look. I like this series. I swear. I really do. And it’s because I like it that I’m hard on it. Do I think that My Hero Academia is a subversive superhero adventure and one of the best stories out of the last decade? No. Not even close But I’m still a big fan. The series is fun and I’m loving almost everything about it. Still, nothing is perfect.

Maybe I’m just looking for flaws. That seems to be a tendency that edgy teens like me have nowadays. Whenever I see something that’s critically acclaimed, I refuse to accept that. But if you makes you feel better, I had to dig REALLY deep to form critiques on this subject. Because as much as I want to hate it, I can’t. The plot is mostly air tight and most characters get established well. As we should all know, a lot of people like this series. It’s getting people who claim to hate anime into anime. And while I have my own opinions on the matter, it’s a pretty impressive feat nonetheless

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