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The author went to the University of South Florida, where he studied in the department of psychiatry and Behavioral science and is attending a Forensic Psychiatry program. This website helped me get some basic information on why some of the serial killers actually kill. It helped me put together the information that I and many people thought about serial killers, which where that they do it for power. But the author mostly talked about the sexual motives of the killers. I used that information to put together that they use that motive to have power and control over the victims.

The name of the author is Cheish Merryweather, and there’s not much information about him. This website is giving you 10 warning signs in which you could tell if a serial killer has symptoms as a child. This symptoms are: Fantasies, manipulation and callousness, Early Promiscuity and voyeurism, History of family Psychiatric disorder, witnessing extreme violence, uncontrollable aggression, head injuries, harassing small animals, Arson, and Bed-wetting.

The ones that went with my paper where the fantasies and harassing small animals. If the kids have violent actions without remorse to non harmful creatures it is not considered a stage it would be considered rehearsal.

The author Nicola Davies is a trusted writer that attended Bedford College and is in the united kingdom. She is a senior medical writer, consultant health psychologist, an author, and a counselor that has written many world wide articles. I used some of here research to prove that some kids were actually molded into thinking like serial killers.

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I didn’t cite anything from her because I put all the information I got about her in my own words. Her information helped me get a better understanding of how the molding actually is and not just how it sounds.

Scott A. Bonn is a public speaker and an author. He received a PH.D in sociology at the University of Miami, FL, and a masters degree in criminal justice administration at San Jose state university. He is a criminology professor that has wrote a best-selling book. He talks about how serial killers are in it for the thrill and how they are not mentally ill that they were more so molded into this person because of how they would think. I used this information saying that the only people that get out of prison are those that are mentally ill and since most serial killers aren’t they should be punished like anyone else.

The author Zelda G. Knight attended Rhodes University where she received her B.A., M.Ed., and a Ph.D. in psychology. She has written several academic Journals and books. I got her article from the online Stan library. I quoted many things from her article, this was a great source that helped me bind all the information together. She had all kinds of information going from petty crimes to thrill and power which serial killers seek for. This was the article that helped me out the most because it had everything that I was writing about.

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