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Sleep studies and sleep medicine aren’t taken seriously when studying to be a doctor. Patients are only able to seek help at specialty clinics and even then aren’t completely satisfied. There’s been very little done to further understanding in sleep health and sleep disorder awareness. Many employees with sleep disorders have trouble going to their 9-5 because it doesn’t align with their sleep schedule. Less money goes into researching sleep disorders and more money goes into selling sleep meds.

Article from scholarly, academic journal accessed through AU electronic database.

Most sleep problems are discovered during a person’s 20s, yet there is little research done to show for college students with sleep problems. People with insomnia have a higher rate of mental illness. A study was directed to find out how big of a problem this is in colleges. The conclusion was that mental health and insomnia were prevalent in college students. It was unclear whether mental illness caused insomnia or vise versa, but they do correlate with each other.

Article from an AU electronic database accessed through AU electronic database Scholarly, academic book Newspaper article, print, or if electronic, accessed through the newspaper’s site.

Jenny Waller, a 21 year old college student, began going to bed later and later studying. It became cyclical, and by the end of her first semester she decided to take a break from college and was diagnosed with depression. The number of college students diagnosed with depression is increasing rapidly throughout many years, and with that college students seem to be getting less and less sleep.

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Some antidepressants can cause insomnia and professionals haven’t done research into the correlation between depression and insomnia. With increasing prices of college students delve more and more into their work despite what it does for their health. Students are taking jobs in order to continue their education as well, taking up more time in their busy schedule.

The national sleep foundation in a non-profit organization that prides themselves on their 30 year experience and being one of the first pioneers of sleep education. They provide some of the best research by professionals in articles sorted by topics, disorders, and solutions. Topics include depression, travel, disease, insomnia and adolescents. They include a list of popular articles including discussions about dreams, gender specific sleep, thyroid disease and sleep, immunity, and mood

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This document describes exactly the circumstances that are able to diagnose someone with insomnia. It provides a chart with questions to identify severity. The difference between acute insomnia and an insomnia disorder is that in order for a person to have a disorder conditions must last longer than 3 months. A list of causes of sleep disturbances includes psychiatric disorders: depression anxiety, and ptsd. Managing insomnia such as spending less time in bed and seeking improvement through medication can help. Medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and melatonin can help improve the ability to sleep.

Insomnia seems to be an unstoppable cycle of sleep. A restless night is very common, but when your sensitivity to things keeping you awake is prolonged, then there’s a problem. Stress and emotional distress can make this cycle worse. Certain overpowering factors seem to override fatigue and create long lasting problems with sleep. Certain things like your bedroom or your bed can even trigger anxiety from restless nights. Adrenaline from stress before sleep can cause an overactive use of energy as they sleep causing a person to still be exhausted after they wake up. Suffering from anxiety, depression, or insomnia can increase one’s risk of encountering the other two. Managing stress before sleep is the best way to deal with insomnia. Getting away from your bed when you can’t sleep will help break associations with your bed being a stressful place.

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