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The San, who were a hunting ND foraging people, did not believe in ownership, as lived off the land. The Shook who were nomadic herders did believe in possession and had herds of cattle and sheep, but because they were nomadic, this meant they had land of their own (although others Shook clans could get permission from the local chiefs to use their resources). The Europeans (Dutch) did however believe in private land ownership.

Where the Dutch believed in private land ownership and Isakson did not, this led to conflicts between the two groups, because the land that was granted to the free burghers (historical German title acquired by family descendants of the ruling class in German speaking towns) and Hugeness was land used by the shook for cattle grazing and furthermore this put a limitation to water access, and the wild animals that were hunted by the Isakson were rapidly becoming scarce.

The difference between the Dutch and Isakson were shown in Sarah Barman’s life was by the fact that she was sold as a slave to a Dutch framer, where no more was she free but rather property owned.

This showed the vast difference between the two groups. The Isakson believed in a supreme being who controlled over their daily life ND elements of the environment. This god was worshipped through rituals and small sacrifices.

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In counterpart to this god there was an evil deity they believed in, that brought about illness death and misfortune to the world.

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This difference between good and evil overlapped other areas of the Isakson life. Dance was an important part of their culture and it altered in states of consciousness to gain information on how to heal people or a remedy to a social evil. The sun and moon were also aspects of the supreme deity, as full and new moons were important for rites and dancing.

One could say that the Isakson were a very superstitious group of people. Holland during this time was undergoing the protestant reformation meaning the Dutch were moving away from Catholicism and into Protestantism – were faith and the practice of Protestantism are founded on the principles of the reformation, especially in acceptance of the bible as the solo source of revelation, in justification by faith alone and in all universal hood of all the believers. [www. Defenestration. Mom/protestant] Barman’s life once she was in Europe after being sold to Alexander Dunlop showed the huge difference teen the Isakson and Dutch, to the Shook dance was very important them, but Dutch use their traditions via Sarah Barman for entertainment. The Dutch also disregard what was not Christianity as savage and uncivilized. Were the Isakson respected all people and the Dutch said they did (because it Was the bible they followed) they contradicted themselves by not respecting Sarah Barman’s humanity. Eke said in the previous paragraph the Isakson respected all people believed that everyone was equal, and that they were no more important than the earth nor the animals. There is evidence that within their own society as they respected those above them in both society and authority. Though it is also evidently clear that the Dutch did not share the same view with the Isakson that all people were equal, as they saw no problem with killing the Isakson at their will, and as it came to Jan Van Ribbed saw no fault in having them stuffed and displaying in his homes as decoration.

This clearly states the immense difference between the Dutch and Isakson. It is evident with Sarah Barman, where in the Isakson society she was respected and treated equally and in Europe she was given no respect what-so-ever and displayed for other people’s interests, because her anatomy was different to women in Europe (she had overly large genitals). She was exhibited like an animal; this stated exactly what the Europeans thought of Africa (they were backward uncivilized and backwards).

Within the Dutch community there were both women respected and disrespected. Those that were respected tended to be the wives that stayed at home, looked after the children, kept the household in order and the husband happy. The ones that were disrespected were prostitute and brittle- aids. Repeating again that Isakson woman where on the same par as the men. They were treated and respected in the same manner. Sarah Barman is an example of the vast different between the novo groups.

Where she was once respected and accepted, she was no discriminated, exploited and once the Europeans were done with her she was forced prostitution and alcoholism, this leading her to dying from sexual transmitted diseases on a street in Paris. From here on her skeleton and the parts the Europeans were interested in were preserved and kept in the Muse De loomed in pairs. The European social structure was followed upon the great chain of being, which meant those with status and wealth dominated society and man dominated above animals and the earth. God” was above all of this and the animals were below the human. Servants were lowest level for the humans. It was eve rear for a person to move out of their positions in this hierarchical society. The San were opposite to this, due to being the hunter-gather society every person within the clan were on equal levels. The Shook were similar to the Dutch, by the fact that they were also hierarchal society were the loathe had servants. The only different was that their servants were in the formed of labor were they were paid and allowed to move out of the position of servitude.

Sarah Barman express this difference to a substantial degree because once she Was in the Europeans possession, she was never able to leave her servitude position. Where within the Shook community she would have. There was a great difference between the Dutch and Isakson when it comes to their entertainment. Within the Isakson culture their entertainment came from oral traditions, dances and other physical activities. The Isakson entertained for the up lifetimes of the entire society.

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