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In the class English 1302, I was instructed to construct an Annotated Bibliography on a topic that I had chosen. This assignment instructed students to sight their sources as well as provide generic information such as the name of the author, why the author was to be seen as credible by my audience and I, and the time the paper was published. We also had to include information as to who the intended audience was for the sourced work. All of this was in effort to determine whether or not this source could be used successfully within a research paper that we would have to write in the future.

Ever since grade school I have known about plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone’s idea, and trying to pass it off as if it was your own or without crediting the source. Plagiarism is frowned upon and shows a lack of skills, knowledge and or integrity. I have and will continue to steer away from this path because people that do partake in it display poor integrity.

I also know that the act of plagiarism comes with punishment as well. I was aware that normally people that took part in plagiarizing often got zeros on their assignments or were forced to rewrite their paper. Thanks to this learning opportunity I have learned that other punishments can be administered as well, such as: written warnings, reduced final grade, and a failing grade for the course. All of these punishments should and have acted as a deterrent to plagiarism.

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This experience has also taught me about different types of plagiarism which include but are not limited to, Direct Plagiarism, Self-Plagiarism, Mosaic Plagiarism and Accidental Plagiarism. None of which I think constitutes to my case. In order to write my Annotated Bibliography, the only option was to find sources off the internet and cite the sources not only because it was the right thing to do but because it was a major component of my grade. Due to my paper being flagged by the school’s online system, I have received a zero on the paper and I must complete a year of academic probation, I also have to write and submit the paper you are reading right now.

I personally have been impacted by this turn of events. Now before I submit any paper, I will use online resources to check my writing. This is so that I can know and be prepared for anything that the schools online system might pick up and adjust my writing to stay clear of any impending conflict. This will be done for any paper from now on, not just the ones that are for my English class. I do not believe that anyone else was impacted negatively from my work. Going through the student conduct process helped me learn a lot. I learned that the main purpose of the office is to educate the community in regards to some standards set in place with the behavior of students and processes used in resolving student disciplinary allegations. I also learned that students have to go through hearings in order to explain their case.

And if they disagree with the outcome of those hearings, they may appeal them and try again in hopes for a better outcome. I also learned about the different types of plagiarism and their meanings. When I first learned about my alleged violation, I went to the school’s advisors in Ransom Hall to help clear up the situation. After explaining my situation, and showing the documents that were given to me, the counselor did not know what to do. I was even told that he did not know the definition of the alleged “self-plagiarism” or how given my circumstances I could even be accused of it. In the future, I will be more cautious of reviewing my paper before I submit.

As said before I will make use of online tools to help me check my work before it is submitted. I have found websites such as grammarly.com and easybib.com to help me with this. Easybib.com is a website that helps students with note taking, and provides students with research tools to help students learn. Grammarly.com is a website that detects punctuation and grammar. It also helps improve the style of you writing. This will ensure that my essays are without fault and are the very best that they can be. If I were faced with the same scenario, I would definitely make sure that these resources were used.

The punishment for my case is a zero on my assignment. This means that I cannot redo it and I must move on. I am working hard on future assignments, so that I may make the most out of my situation. In this class, I still have to write a mapping the issue paper and a researched position paper. For the mapping the issue paper, I will be discussing a history of the topic I am working on. It will be in this paper that I will answer some questions such as the cause of the issue, what prompted current interest and the parties that are interested. I will also be looking at the topic from multiple points of views. I will also be using Logos, Pathos and Ethos to connect with my readers in this essay. The last essay for this course will be the researched position paper.

This is where I will take all the previous information that I have gained from the previous essay to write an astonishing finished piece concerning my topic. Vocabulary.com states that integrity is a personal quality of fairness that we all aspire to. The Marriam–Webster Dictionary states that integrity as a firm adherence of moral or artistic values. Dictionary.com states that integrity is the adherence to moral and ethical principles. It is from these definitions that I understand integrity to be fairness associated with morality and ethics.

One instance where I rely on the integrity of others, is when I am being taught. I expect people that pass on knowledge to pass on the right knowledge without bias or falsehood. Education is a key part of society and we can only get better with collective integrity among all who partake. I would not expect a teacher to teach me the wrong information during class. Doing such would be harmful to the student and whoever the student passes on the false knowledge to. People also rely on my integrity when I am passing on information to them. If I do not know the knowledge that they are seeking it is my job to tell them so, or to refer them to someone who can.

Another instance that I rely on the integrity of others, is in medicine. When I am sick and ask for a doctor’s help. I expect for the doctor to recommend medicine that will aid in my recovery. In the same way the doctor may also rely on my integrity. The doctor needs to make sure that I am telling the truth and the whole truth so that he may treat me appropriately. I also rely on the integrity of others when I am working with them. A team is only effective when you can trust and help each other. This would not be possible without the team members having integrity. In the same way the team also relies on my integrity. This ensures that we meet our goal without any conflict.

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