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Select the best answer for each multiple-choice question. Which description best describes Ginger in Chapter 1? All Quiet on the Western FrontAn experienced war hero b. A soldier who died on the front c. the commander of the army d. A stingy cook e. A French traitor What does Kemmerich giving up his boots to Muller symbolize? His acceptance of his own death c. His love for Muller His submissive personality d. That he thinks the shoes are ugly What does Himmelstoss see as Tjaden’s weakness? Tjaden is unable to remain serious Tjaden eats too much food Tjaden is too greedy Tjaden is young and incompetent Tjaden is a bed-wetter What aspect of Katczinsky’s personality makes him an ideal leader? His physical strength b.

He can perceive when an attack is going to happen c. His dominant attitude d. His strengths in public speaking What is the problem for the soldiers at the beginning of chapter 5? The cook died c.

A segment of the trench collapsed There is a lice infestation d. Some of their men were kidnapped How many men are left at the end of chapter 6? 23 153 32 77 19 True / False Directions: Choose if the statement is true or false; if false, make the necessary corrections so the statement becomes true. The soldiers that arrive on the front in the beginning of Chapter 3 are older and wiser than the original soldiers Correction: younger and less experienced. Those who die on the front are given a proper burial service. Correction: stacked with multiple other bodies in a hole.

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The soldiers often have to kill other animals who are wounded at war. Quote Analysis Directions: Explain who is speaking and analyze what the reader learns from the following quotations. “Give ‘em all the same grub and all the same pay And the war would be over and done in a day”. In this rhyme, Katczinsky gives wise words as to how he believes the war should work. He believes that the hardworking soldiers do not get enough food or pay compared to the higher-ups. This exemplifies Katczinsky’s dislike for people like Himmelstoss and Ginger who, although they do not fight, receive more of the necessities that soldiers need too.

He believes the food and pay should be shared equally amongst everyone on the front. 11. “But the shelling is stronger than everything. It wipes out the sensibilities, I merely crawl still farther under the coffin, it shall protect me, though Death himself lies in it”. In this passage, Baumer explains the terrifying horror of the shellings and how that can alter the way someone would normally think or act. Specifically, Baumer explains how he crawls underneath of a coffin to protect himself. Typically, one would not put a coffin in front of a bombardment of projectiles. However, Baumer understands that in order to remain alive he needs some sort of protection. He throws out all normal rationale and uses the coffin to shield himself.

Normally this would sound inhumane and psychotic, using a contained dead body for protection, but in the army desperate times call for desperate measures. Short-Answer Prompts Directions: Craft thorough, specific responses to the following short-answer questions. 12. Why do the soldiers kill the boy they found in the end of Chapter 4? They killed him to end his suffering, as he was found badly injured and would probably not make it much longer anyways. 13. Explain the dilemma over Muller and Kemmerich’s boots. Kemmerich had to have his leg amputated after being wounded in war. He owned a pair of well-kept boots, a valuable item on the front. Trench-foot was a deadly part of the war but a good pair of boots would prevent that. Muller wants the boots because they are of high value and would be a great benefit to him. However, Kemmerich is reluctant at first to give them up.

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