The Latest From The Feminist Front

“The Latest from the Feminist “Front” by Rush Limbaugh statement is that how male’s chase females. The title “Feminist Front is the first grounds that the author usage to qualify feminist make a frontage. The author claims his positions on the feminist motion is unsmooth. insensitive. cruel. and provocative. The author is unsmooth on feminist with is why there is common land. The extract has several logical false beliefs which is some type of counter statement that weakens an statement ( Writer’s np ) .

There are tonss of articles that are published in newspapers. advertizements. and other beginnings that have these logical false beliefs. It is non easy to cognize if an statement is unsound. The statement might be really weak to really strong. The author makes the first logical false belief called ruddy herring. A ruddy herring is when during the statement. the debater changes the subject by raising a side issue that distracts the audience.

Rush Limbaugh On Feminism

The ruddy herring false belief in the first paragraph reads.

“Few of my “Thirty-five Undeniable Truths of Life” have stirred as much contention and indignation as Number Twenty-four: “Feminism was established so that unattractive adult females could hold easier entree to the mainstream of society. ” Rush does non explicate this truth about unattractive adult females. This is because he is Rush. a wireless personality. which talks harshly and loud to rock people to believe his point of view. Now. he is usually incorrect in my point of view like this extract.

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Rush gets paid to construct contention. Let’s expression at his statement about “unattractive” adult females. The writer’s implied warrant statement about the unattractive feminism is his definition for an vocal adult female.

His first sub-claim implies that some feminist leaders are anti-male. because they speak out when work forces unsuitably flirt or make inappropriate remarks. This is one side of the issue which is called stacked grounds ( Woods 222 ) . The audience is supposed to hold with Rush. merely because. he repeats “it’s the truth” which is imploring the inquiry ( Wood 221 ) . Then he writes “that any look of involvement by a adult male in a adult female is harassment” is headlong generalisation. He generalize the term by take downing the value of a woman’s feelings. Subsequently. these extremist “would do work forces fearful of nearing women” . he writes in paragraph 7 shows headlong generalisation. Rush is connoting the all work forces would be fearful to near a adult females because the actions of a few work forces. He writes “people are labeling every twenty-four hours. normal. male-female behavior as harassment” non existent colza.

First-come-first-serve uses slippery incline as an emotional false belief by doing adult females afraid to describe torment. Slippery incline is a scare maneuver. when one thing happens it will instantly do catastrophe. The 2nd sub-claim is “that adult females have more power than most of them realize” in paragraph 9 ( Wood 233 ) . The explicit warrant province “the power to state yes or no – lies with the women” he erratically gives adult females power. The author does non value a woman’s word throughout the paper. but now. Rush validates the power of a adult female. Then he reverts back to his norm stating work forces should non be arrested for doing a wolf whistling at a becoming adult female in paragraph 13. In decision the author feels feminist adult females misuse the term torment and colza.

Because adult females do non digest inappropriate progresss from married work forces they are feminist. He grounds that a adult female word is powerful. In fact he feels adult females are excessively sensitive. This will do work forces to halt chat uping with adult females. Rush could hold used statistics for the figure of colza instances that were really harassment instances. In add-on. he should hold debated a female to acquire the woman’s point of view. I’ve listened to Rush on the wireless and like the extract he exaggerates the issue in a loud voice. He does non utilize statistic. or a professional to back up his claims.

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