Islamic State in Western and Non-Western Media

How the Rise of the Islamic State has been portrayed by the Western or non-Western Media, Like any other religion, Islam if facing challenges to evolve and adjust to modernity, more so to the political and economic power of the dominant West. The rise of Islam has therefore led to several historical conflicts with the West even as the globalized world continues to be modernized. The historical conflicts between Islamic states have resulted in a contrast in which the western media and the non-western media portray the rise of the Islamic State The western media, therefore, discriminates, marginalizes, and vilifies Muslims due to the imagery they have for Islam as from the past events.

The western media depicts Islamic state as a major competitor that is a representation of a significant challenge. Islam, has over the years, been viewed as a menace to western civilization, and the media-driven image as been embedded in the western culture The non-western media, on the other hand, portrays Islamic state as an organization whose image has been misinterpreted with fabricated ideological myths that have also been widely accepted as knowledge.

The western and non-western media have provided conflicting ideas about Islamic state because the two cultures offer conflicting universal truths that have been derived from traditions.

The Western media has presented articles that describe the Islamic state as a threat to the western world. Politicians and journalists have given such warnings without presenting substantial evidence to back up their concern. The non-western media, has on the contrary, portrayed the Islamic state as a religion of peace, basing their argument on the fact that western journalists lack solid facts about their argument against the Islamic state, The expansion of the Islamic state through the social media has created a ground in which the most harrowing and grueling stories from both the western and non»western media are based.

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The negative attitude from the western media is because the Islamic state has grown to be the most feared terrorist organization in the entire world.

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