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The Life and Writings of Martin Luther, the Spark of the Protestant Reformation
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Born in Germany, in 1483, Martin Luther went on to become one of the most influential figures in Western history. His writings were responsible for changing the face of the Catholic Church and sparking the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther's central teachings cented around that fact that the Bible is the central source of spiritual authority. Also, he stressed that salvation is reached through faith and not deeds. These core beliefs lead to shaping of the core of Protestantism in the…...
The Reformation Vision of Martin Luther
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Martin Luther was the founder of Lutheranism; he broke away from the Catholic Church to form Lutheranism after they would not listen to his ideas and excommunicated him. He then caused great and major changes to the world as far as religion goes by acting upon his opinions on what needed changed about the catholic church. Luther realized all of the corruption that was going on within the Catholic Church and knew something wasn't right and needed changed. In total…...
ChristianityMartin Luther KingReformation
An Exploration of Various Reasons for the Resurgence of Interest in the Religious Aspects of Healthcare
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Advancement of modern technology in the past centuries has led to the transition of medicine from a caring and service-oriented model to a curative-oriented model, Consequently, advanced technology has contributed to phenomenal advancement in healthcare, and hence giving the ability of prolonged life, Nonetheless, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners have made attempts to balance their caring and services-oriented model with spiritual aspects of healthcare, Therefore, this paper seeks to explore various reasons for the resurgence of interest in the religious aspects…...
ExplorationHealth CareReligion
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Evangelism: The Relation Of The Church And Its Members To Demonstrate Compassion To The Communities They Serve
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Pages • 12
IntroductionThis paper focuses on church evangelism strategies and the relation of the church and its members to demonstrate compassion to the communities they serve. Towards this end, there is a review on the various methods and strategies that are most common as it relates to evangelism in the church. I will start with a biblical and theoretical literature review related to evangelistic outreach and community connectedness, examine key research closest to the intent of this research, and describe how they…...
Jesus Christ And Compassion, Forgiveness And New Life
Words • 1599
Pages • 7
Mark 1:1-8“Breaking News” “We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this ‘Breaking News.’”These are the kinds of words that cause us to sit up, call our family members into the room and watch and listen, with hearts racing, as our normal routine is interrupted by some urgent message.What is it? What is happening? And will this change our world, our day--our sense of normalcy? In our Gospel Lesson for this morning we have a record of some ‘Breaking…...
The Psychosis of the Narrator in the Short Story, The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe
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Pages • 4
In, Poe's narrator confesses to the brutal murder of his wife, in detail, blaming the black cat. In this story we see how human emotions and actions can be stretched beyond the limits of morality. The Black Cat raises questions of not only the character's sanity but of Poe‘s own. Even though Poe‘s sanity is questionable there is a positive theme in which to find his story useful, Poe's irony, symbolism, and unstable state of mind make for an exciting…...
The Idea of Life and Creation from Women and Women Empowerment in Daughters of Copper Woman, a Book by Anne Cameron
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Pages • 4
The most obvious theme in Daughters of Copper Woman by Anne Cameron is the idea of life and creation from women and the empowerment that comes from being a woman, but what l found to be interesting in that is how different these first few stories are from what l learned growing up in a conservative, Sephardic-Jewish household. The very first story, the creation of Copper Woman, The Creator is never announced as man or woman. Growing up going to…...
A History of the Silk Road and Its Influence on the International Trade
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Pages • 2
During this era (SOOBCE-SOOCE) many things changed, One of the most important changes was the Silk Road which extended from Europe to East Asia. This became a source for new products (spices,metals,animals,slaves,etc.). The Silk Road also transmitted culture and religion, The merchants took their culture and beliefs and as they encountered people they spread their traditions, Although many things changed there were some continuities, The Asians were still exporting the same goods. The Indians Exported spices ,precious jewels and oils.…...
CultureInternational TradeReligion
A Reflection on My Brother as My Role Model Due to His Impact on My Faith, Virtue of Patience, and His Selflessness
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Pages • 3
To most young teens today, a person of inspiration maybe the cliche: mom. dad, Martin Luther King Jr. or even the common, Bob Marley. When given the question, why?, general answers are provided. To fully grasp the concept of having an inspiration, one must understand first the definition of the word, ”inspire." According to Webster's Dictionary, the words “inspire” is defined as: "(v.) to fill with an animating quickening, or exalting influence." One person who has made an impact on…...
The Honesty and Patience of Job
Words • 308
Pages • 2
In the Book of job, it is a common belief that job is a very patient man. However, he acts out in many ways, such as tearing his clothes, shaving his head. and even wishing that he had never even been born. Job still keeps his faith in God, throughout all the pain and suffering God allows Satan to put him through which is truly remarkable. I personally do not know if I would be able to endure such hardships…...
Food Has a Huge Place in Egyptian Culture
Words • 1259
Pages • 6
Egyptian Culture Understanding the culture, traditions, values and ethics of the people of Egypt requires an assessment into the various aspects of their lives. As quoted by Kofi Annan (2019) “We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” Being culturally competent as a nurse means providing skilled patient care to patients with different backgrounds. Language Many traditions, values and ethics of Egypt come from the nomadic desert tribe of the…...
The Importance of Nutrition
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Pages • 3
My Evaluation I have heard that 'Life is what you make of it', and 'You get out of it what you put into it' and this is true about this class. While doing the assignments in this class I noticed a change in myself before I started classes and after. Before this class, I was very conscious about my physical health. During this time, I did not have anything to do, so I had plenty of time to exercise and…...
Malnutrition during the Holocaust
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Pages • 3
The Holocaust was a tragic event that ruined lives and people, the point of this is to learn the history behind Yom Kippur and the survival of prisoners who did not fast during Yom Kippur. During Yom Kippur the prisoners should not fast, throughout the Holocaust, malnutrition was a huge concern and if you did not eat you would not survive. Due to this fasting during Yom Kippur would ultimately lead to your death or if you’re lucky you may…...
FastingThe Holocaust
Greek Orthodox Dietary Practice
Words • 499
Pages • 2
Fasting is practiced by all religions, it’s performed around the world. Fasting is when people are limited to what they can eat or they have to give up the usage of something they enjoy doing for a whole day it depends on each person. The reason why people fast is so they cleanse their bodys from sin. The orthodox religion practices fasting on various days of the year. Throughout the whole year this religion has different days for fasting each…...
Frequently Asked Questions About Fasting
Words • 1530
Pages • 7
As animals, we all need food and essential nutrients. Nutrients and vitamins are important in order for our body to function properly. Fasting and starvation are widely discussed topics because everyone wants to know how fasting and starvation effect our body. Fasting has become a widely spread trend that some people incorporate in their everyday diet. Starvation is different because most of the time starvation isn’t by choice. If we were to fast and starve what would our body do?…...
Eveline’s Decision in James Joyce’s “Dubliners”
Words • 1461
Pages • 6
Short but very expressive, Eveline is the story about those few moments in life when one ponders upon the past and the possible future and has to take a decision that can change one's life. Here is the case of Eveline (the heroine of James Joyce's short story) that comes to a crossroad and has to decide which way she should go. The text begins with the image of Eveline sitting at the window and watching outside. Space is very…...
How to Fast Safely but Effectively 
Words • 1578
Pages • 7
Description Fasting can be a great strategy for weight loss, however, some people tend to overdo it. Learn how to fast safely and effectively in this article. Fasting has been observed for ages, particularly for religious traditions. But fasting for weight loss is steadily on the rise. For some people, fasting is a great strategy to purge pounds in a couple of weeks. Others fast to detoxify their bodies from harmful toxins. Fasting diets range from all-liquid diet to calorie…...
The Influence of Religion on Everyday Life
Words • 545
Pages • 3
Matthias Helble, pointed out that how concerning is the cultural differences, however it can be a huge asset too. Religion is effecting people life in everyday. Each beliefs has different ethic in their trading process. You have to follow that and respect that.All through the whole history of humanity, Hinduism has never been standing. This religion has developed, well ordered, turning consistently. Numerous researchers, wisemen, rulers and rulers have brought incredible commitments, spreading their intelligence on a broad timeframe. They…...
BibleChristianityGodNew Testament
Bible from Point of View Sentimentalism and Naturalist
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Pages • 4
In that article he took the position that The book of Genesis see human beings as essentially religious beings and, and he went on to argue that the origin of humans themselves is the same time and place of the origin of religious consciousness. This article does not counter his previous point, however it does cover another position he took, stating that the Adam of Genesis 2 was the first religious being on Earth, and has since discovered other points…...
Adam And EveBibleChristianityGodNew Testament
For Me It’s All in Greek
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Pages • 5
Years ago, I was wandering around a local Flea Market when I came across a vendor with a pile of books on his table. Being that I love to read I followed my instincts and began to sift through the large selection of literature. I came across what looked like a Bible, but it was clearly in a different language. I opened it up and discovered it was actually a copy of the New Testament in the Greek language. As…...
BibleGodNew Testament
Reading and Interpreting the Bible in Science
Words • 1204
Pages • 5
Every passage of Scriptures in the New Testament arises in the field of history, which is the reason to read and interpret the Bible within context, we need to read it within its historical context that accounts for the author and the original readers. When considering the primary and initial audience, we ought to separate the original figures in the Gospel from the initial readers, those who were studying the New Testament about those Biblical personalities. For example, In his…...
BibleGodNew Testament
The Inerrancy of Scripture
Words • 654
Pages • 3
It is very clear all through the Old-Testament that God is speaking. I cannot think of a clearer way to say something is inspired by God, than Thus says the LORD, God said, or the Spirit of the Lord spoke. There is no question who said the things that follow such bold introductions. More Divine Introductions in the New Testament? As you have seen the Old-Testament is packed full of statements and introductions proving it is truly from the Lord.…...
BibleGodNew Testament
God Wants to Be a Friend to Everyone
Words • 1978
Pages • 8
“Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same, all may change, but Jesus never—glory to His name” (Simpson & Burke)! Hearing the opening to this song as a little girl meant no more to me than standing up between my parents, hymnal open, ready to sing. I never thought that the lyrics may not be true. As I grew older, it finally occurred to me that God did not seem to act the same as he used to in the Old…...
BibleGodNew Testament
The Concept of Salvation in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism
Words • 2914
Pages • 12
Hinduism Throughout the history of Indian culture there has been a continuous interaction between the different religious, linguistic and social groups, and this has resulted in a richly textured mythology, rivalling the whole of the European corpus in quantity and diversity. An enormous bulk of narrative is preserved in the regional languages of India, but in the main the most popular myths have achieved wider currency by being adopted into the supra-regional language, Sanskrit, and collected together in the Puranas,…...
The role and shape of minor religions around the World: Jainism, Taoism and Lakhota
Words • 869
Pages • 4
Jainism, Taoism, and Lakhota Beliefs Religion have had a profound impact on the history of nations and how their citizens conduct themselves. Religion has been the cause of wars while also creating a sense of unity. Three religions or beliefs that have influenced today's world are Jainism, Taoism, and the animistic beliefs of the North American tribe, Lakhota. Jainism originated in ancient East India. It is a syncretistic religion, which is very similar to Hinduism and Buddhism. A "Jina", or…...
An Analysis of Buddhism in Women and World Religions
Words • 843
Pages • 4
According to Lucinda Joy Peach, the author of Women and World Religions, Buddhism is considered one of three world religions. Buddhism originated in the continent of Asia in the country of India. Around the fifth or sixth century when Siddhartha Gautama reached Enlightenment, he became the awakened one or Buddha. Once becoming Buddha, Siddhartha began teaching the Dharma. Soon after, Buddhism was spreading all over Asia. Buddhism made its way to the west about the twelfth century. As it grew the support did as well.…...
BuddhismBuddhism Religion
A History of the Decline and Spread of Buddhism in India and Eastern Asia
Words • 646
Pages • 3
The Decline and Spread of Buddhism Buddhism is unique in that it lost dominance in its birthplace, but became dominant elsewhere. In India, Buddhism was dominant for only a relatively brief amount of time. However, the religion did not just die after it declined in India, but instead, it spread into Eastern Asia, especially China and Japan. Buddhism's wide geographical span and large community mark it as a world religion. Many factors made many Indians return to the comfort of Hinduism,…...
BuddhismBuddhism Religion
An Analysis of Buddhism in Women and World Religions
Words • 845
Pages • 4
According to Lucinda Joy Peach, the author of Women and World Religions, Buddhism is considered one of three world religions. Buddhism originated in the continent of Asia in the country of India. Around the fifth or sixth century when Siddhartha Gautama reached Enlightenment, he became the awakened one or Buddha. Once becoming Buddha, Siddhartha began teaching the Dharma. Soon after, Buddhism was spreading all over Asia. Buddhism made its way to the west about the twelfth century. As it grew the support did as well.…...
BuddhaBuddhismBuddhism Religion
An Overview of World Religions: Buddhism
Words • 1509
Pages • 7
"I teach about suffering and the way to end it" Buddha World Religions: Buddhism In last week's paper we discussed Hinduism, in this paper we will discuss Buddhism. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion surpassed only by Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. One of the main differences between Buddhism and Hinduism is that in the late one there is a strict lifelong caste classification system. The teachings of Buddha rejected the caste social class classification. In Buddhism, everybody is permitted to…...
BuddhaBuddhismBuddhism Religion
My Understanding of D’s Skeptical and Buddhism Religion
Words • 612
Pages • 3
D's Skeptical and Buddhism belief in my understanding, Buddhism is a religion that started in India thousands of years ago. Mom always says, "Khong lam CAC Dieu ac. Gang lam CAC view land. Luon to tam, tinh y. Do la Loi Phat day," as I grow from a little girl into adulthood. This means every evil is never done and in wholesomeness increasing and one's heart well-purifying this the Buddhism' Sasana. Buddhism is definitely psychological and it was not interested…...
Buddhism Religion
A Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism Religions
Words • 863
Pages • 4
Essay-Hinduism and Buddhism The idea of Religare or binding oneself back to one s religion is key to many religions. In Christianity, we bind ourselves back to the truth unveiled through scripture, myths, tradition, and the church s teachings. Hinduism, however, has a much different interpretation of the idea of binding oneself back. There is not a whom or what that I can put my finger on. We all came from one God and we must get back to God.…...
BuddhaBuddhism Religion
The Different Views on Religion, Humanity and Humility Between Hulga Hopewell from Good Country People and Minister Hooper from Minister’s Black Veil
Words • 371
Pages • 2
In O'Connor's "Good Country People", Hulga Hopewell has been used as the primary protagonist. On the other hand, minister Hooper has been used as the protagonist in the "Minister's Black Veil" by Hawthorne. It is worth mentioning that both are main characters and present different views on religion, humanity as well as humility.  Hulga does not believe in anything. Her essential focus is working hard to be smarter than others are with an auto compensate medical problems. It can be identified that…...
Muhammad’s Pilgrimage to Medina
Words • 318
Pages • 2
The creator of Islam religion was Muhammad and he was born in 570 CE and died in 632 CE. Muhammad was raised in a minor tribe of an old and wealthy family and he was very intelligent. His family’s business was in the caravan trade which enabled him to travel. The Islamic religion originated in 622 CE after Muhammad’s pilgrimage to Medina, which was considered a decisive moment in the religion. Other significate dates for the Islamic religion include 632…...
The Pilgrimage And Fast Of Ramadan
Words • 819
Pages • 4
Religion is something that is held very sacred not only in the United States but all over the world. There are many religions across the globe, but the four that will be covered in this paper are Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam. As these four religions have many differences there are also many similarities to each of them. Christianity is the most widely followed religion in the world. According to the New York Times, 2.2 billion people are self-described Christian…...
PilgrimageWorld Religions
Honor Of The Goddess
Words • 785
Pages • 4
Sacred sites demonstrate the role of tradition in religious movements that often attach spiritual meaning to these locations. An evaluation of the use of such holy sites is essential to making valid conclusions about them in different religions. The work reflects on the writer's journey to two such places associated with Buddhism and Shintoism. Buddhism is among the oldest religions on the planet that has achieved international prominence. Devoted Buddhists recognize the importance of tracing Buddha's life stages to also…...
Buddhism ReligionPilgrimageReligion
The Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage
Words • 1367
Pages • 6
The Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage is a well recognized sacred site because of its perfect demonstration of the Japanese spirituality, cultural and natural heritage. The editors of the website, “Tanabe City Kumano Kodo Tourism Bureau”, said that Kumano Kodo is seen as a place where many will go to worship and seek for purification. Also, many worshipped nature in the landscape of the Kii Peninsula because everything from Kumano is seen as “kami”(gods), so walking through them was represented as a…...
How Allah Created Mankind
Words • 844
Pages • 4
Some people believe that the whole mankind including this universe was an accident and a multiplication of organisms that it just happened, others say that it came out of nothingness and lastly the Islamic point of view is that it was created by Allah who is the most Supreme Being. When a person looks around, he can see so many things like mountains in which you dig in, you can find precious metals like copper, iron etc. This shows that…...
Personal Experience of Buddhist Practice
Words • 2071
Pages • 9
As someone whom was not really raised in a real religious household, I chose a religion that is a little different compared to most any other religions out there. The religion I chose, does not believe in a monotheistic or polytheistic system of gods, but more of one’s personal choice to better one’s soul and seek enlightenment. I chose to learn about the joys and spiritualty of Buddhism. To be a little more specific, I chose to attend a Mahayana…...
Life of the Buddha and Brief Introduction to the Buddhism
Words • 2085
Pages • 9
 The brief biography of the Buddha As a Buddhist, one should know the basic meaning of these words to be able to give right answer if asked about it by other religious people in such a developing and globalizing world. It is incomplete that if one is asked what is Buddha and replied as “Buddha” in stead of giving the complete answer like Lord Buddha is the one who knows and achieve the fully enlightenment by himself and let all…...
Glossary of Basic Buddhist Terms
Words • 8392
Pages • 34
1.1 The Buddha Being a lay Buddhist, one should know the basic meaning of these words to be able to give right answer if asked about it by other religious people in such a developing and globalizing world. It is incomplete that if one is asked what is Buddha and replied as “Buddha” in stead of giving the complete answer like Lord Buddha is the one who knows and achieve the fully enlightenment by himself and let all know like…...
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How to Fast Safely but Effectively 
...But, if the symptoms don’t get better one to two hours after you’ve eaten a light meal, it’s time to call your physician. These red flags may indicate a medical emergency that needs immediate attention. You may have a medical condition that you...
How Allah Created Mankind
...“So We punished each (of them) for his sins, of them were some on whom We sent Haasib (a violent wind with shower of stones) [as on the people of Loot (Lot)], and of them were some who were overtaken by As-Sayhah [torment — awful cry, (as Thamood...
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