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Artwork “Frontispiece of The Codex Mendoza”
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The artwork titled the was used to record information of the Aztecs in which to see how the Aztec societies functioned. It was created around 1541 or 1542 CE and it consisted of 71 pages of ink and color on spanish paper. This particular artwork was commissioned by the Viceroy of New Spain that would tell the life of a common Aztec since through the codicies you were able to “read” the Aztecs daily life. These codex’s include contextual information…...
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The following sample essay on "Archangel": about the Holy Scriptures frequently speak of created intelligences, other than worlds, who worship God in Eden and act as His couriers and agents on Earth ( The Vatican ) . These existences are known as angels. Angels are mentioned in the Bible when they deliver messages, or appear in worlds ‘ dreams. Gabriel is the angel who appears most to worlds. Michael is called an archangel and a spirit prince.( Student ‘s Life…...
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