The True People Of Inspector Andrey Kurkov Review

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Imagine: Deep beneath the Kremlin on a green meadow he sits – L., the Kremlin dreamer – and he is still alive. To celebrate its birthday, the artist Mark was charged to present to political poems; more specifically: The recites Kuzma, his talking parrot. But ye may not tell, because Mark has violated the confidentiality agreement he had signed. Just because he wanted to impress the informer of stinkreichem leather manufacturer, whom he had met at the sanatorium on the Black Sea. The fact meant to flaunt the fact that he had once seen in Gorky Lenin at close range.

Pavel is one of the very few Russians, the is the honor of a true people inspector through the country travel to people’s lives and production processes to inspect the factories. A very simple man from the country, honest to stupidity, Pawel had never seen in his life a car, a city, let alone the Kremlin. Here he is now expected of Comrade Kalinin.

Over a cup of tea he presented his letter of appointment and gives it the guiding principle for his work on the way: “The most important thing is not to understand but to act Got it.?” (56)

A private plane takes Pawel in the desert: Yakutia, eternal ice, untouched snow scene – three tents here form already a city. At the airport, he is expected by the Komsomol Zybulnik with a propeller sleigh to take him into the city (!), His service to the fatherland where he would finally and with your heart’s content can begin.

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On their journey they get to an open space where a wooden pole from the permafrost projects, before a black ash stain: an ancient sacrificial site of the Eskimos. With the Leninisierung the polar region has now provided the only remaining post with a Ilyich bust. Thirty more heads are already ordered, service will be eighty-six still happen while Pawel.

Yet someone else is there landed in Russia, and we accompany him in a parallel narrative: It is an ambitious and idealistic to find angel who has turned the paradise on the way down in the kingdom of the Soviet Union at least one righteous. None of his brothers and sisters believe in heaven, that it could happen to you. Just arrived on the ground, he already met a deserter, and like the angel exchanged his white robe against the renegade Red Army. As soon pick him out scouts in his tattered military uniform, he brings his objection that he is an angel, not a deserter, of course, only a mockery: a bastard like him could be transported directly to the moon, and you press the tab off. but the bullet deviates from the angel, flies and flies – until days later, the awardees Podbelskij on Red Square kills sneaky. not expect a smooth bullet exactly on the guide head of the Order of Lenin.

How different, many skeptics will smile at the alleged angel status, but gradually more and more people connect to the heavenly messenger. Together they follow the star Archipka, seven nights, then they reach the New Promised Land, where they settle on a hill. Well planned, carefully arranged and confirmed by Assembly decisions, build a community in which they want to live together according to principles of justice and in love. A soul but there is not that they have decided unanimously. Here probably lies the angel mission.

The strengths of Andrej Kurkows Roman – sometimes slightly, sometimes serious in tone – are the rich, highly entertaining stories and a very individual kind of humor: bizarre, absurd, full spin niger fantasies, often shockingly cruel and disgusting funny. Example: Pawel and his sleigh driver find a reindeer have died in the ice desert. As a special gift for the Russians Kriwizkij cut him from a long-frozen body. Kriwizkij will process it into brawn and present his guest Pawel to eat.

The entire career of Pavel – beginning with his appointment, the service apartment with OF ADMINISTRATIVE wife, the use in an industrial and deserted area and the uncovering several crimes – is hard to beat on absurdity. Before we end another look into the torture chamber where Pawel is interrogated about the events in Yakutia the Kremlin: Here we learn a good way to know how to remember things that are useful and necessary. And a true Communist, feels no pain as him his torturer Kalinin showing off even his own body and the more conclusive! P.S. .: Andrey Kurkov was born in 1961 in St. Petersburg, lives in Kiev. He studied foreign languages ​​mastered, eleven of them, a newspaper editor was and during military service prison guards. Later he worked as a cameraman and wrote numerous screenplays. Since 1996 he is a freelance writer. His most recent book “The Milkman in the Night” (2009).

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