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Bilaan Story Of Creation
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For millions of years people have made myths about how the earth and the people on it were created. I decided to compare the Iroquois creation story compared to the Bilaan creation story. The Iroquois lived inthe low lands of Southern Ontario and Quebec and parts of the United States as where Bilaan is an Austronesian language spoken on the island of Midanao.This Philippine language is spoken by approximately 300,000. Iroquois believe that along time ago before the world was…...
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In this essay two well known myths will be compared and contrasted
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In this essay, two well known myths will be compared and contrasted. Although there are many things that will be similar between the two, there are many ways that they are also different. One of the myths that will be written about is the Iroquois creation myth called “The World on Turtle’s Back.” The myth that is going to be compared and contrasted to the Iroquois creation myth the Hopi creation myth “The Four Creations.”A creation myth is a symbolic…...
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