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Free essays on atheism are written by scholars, critics, and atheists who provide information about their beliefs, perspectives, and criticisms of religion. These essays explore the fundamental concepts of atheism, including skepticism, materialism, and secularism, and aim to demystify religious dogma and superstition. They also examine the historical and philosophical roots of atheism and offer compelling arguments and evidence to support the worldview of non-belief. These essays are a valuable resource for understanding the atheistic perspective and the place of religion in contemporary society.
In God We Trusted
Words • 2581
Pages • 11
Twenty-six people left dead in cold blood. On November 5th, 2017, a man named Devin Patrick Kelley committed one of the worst shootings in Texas history (Wilts). This shooting occurred in a local Baptist church on a Sunday (Winston). Though, when uncovering the motives as to why Kelley might have committed such a horrific crime, the answers were unclear. Many made suggestions that his primary purpose for committing such a crime could have been associated with the fact that he…...
Story Of A Six Year Old Boy
Words • 1849
Pages • 8
The painted bird is a novel that takes place I Eastern Europe during World War II, the novel is written by jersey Kosinski. This story focuses around a six year old boy who is sent away from home for his saftey during World War II. The young boy would go from village to village during his six year journey where he would meet many people. The people in each village would go out of their way to torment the boy…...
Atheism as a Choice of Religion
Words • 472
Pages • 2
It is true that God made his creation perfect, orderly, harmonious, beautiful and good; It is also true that God has created a finite and evolving world or in constant transformation. The finitude and the constant dynamism of creation allow us to understand some 'ills' of the world. God creates a world in change. A world in which creatures can move actively and freely towards perfection. This implies that numerous beings give way, in one way or another, to the…...
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Atheism Secularity and Well-Being
Words • 449
Pages • 2
Phil Zuckerman (2009) in the article “Atheism, secularity, and well-being: How the findings of social science counter negative stereotypes and assumptions” gives an overview of how the people who don’t believe in the existence of God and atheism are related with the well being of the society. Different researches show that people have unfavorable opinions about atheists with only a small percentage being aware of their positive contribution. Using the social science perspective, Zuckerman (2009) confirms that atheism and secularity…...
Atheism in Comparison to Christianity 
Words • 1923
Pages • 8
Currently, there are roughly 4,200 validated religions present on Earth, each of those with a large following, some smaller, some larger and highly regarded as sacred. Atheism is the disbelief in god or gods rejecting them completely. Initially in the early 1800’s the word atheist was used at an insult towards someone who didn’t believe in god, it wasn’t until recently that people described themselves as atheists pushing that word from insult into fact. Christianity is widely regarded as one…...
Understanding Evil Paper Arguments
Words • 2147
Pages • 9
This sample essay on Evil Paper provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.A) Objections Arising from Evil in the World, explain what is meant by this claim The word evil is a word which can be used very loosely, usually used to describe something we think to be morally wrong, something that when in inflicted on a person causes pain and…...
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Religious Experience Essay
Words • 1419
Pages • 6
This sample essay on Religious Experience Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.The classic religious experience is a group of like-minded individuals who claim to have experienced the same thing, in the example given; the disciples claim to see Jesus after he had died on the cross. It is normally not believed by others and also some within the group.…...
Why Do We Need God Essay
Words • 433
Pages • 2
The existence of God has been argued upon and discussed for centuries. It is probably the war between the theists and atheists as well as the bitterness among religions that has kept some of the believers rooted to their faith. At least this gives something to fight for in their otherwise empty lives. I have always found myself in the atheist camp. It is not that I too need a battle and enrolled myself in this ongoing war. My choosing…...
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Natural Law Thesis Statement
Words • 618
Pages • 3
Natural Law is becoming more irrelevant due to our secular culture. Natural Law depends on the belief that the world was designed by a creator, and that morality is absolute according to his standards. Aquinas assumes that all men must seek to worship God. What about an atheist? According to Thompson, if someone does not believe in God, then “the natural law theory loses its foundation. ” Furthermore, in today’s society natural law has largely been replaced by utilitarianism, the…...
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St. Thomas Aquinas Five Ways
Words • 694
Pages • 3
St. Thomas Aquinas agrees that god exists. He uses the A Posteriori approach to explain his arguments. One of St. Thomas Aquinas arguments is known as Efficient cause. Everything has a cause and nothing could happen with out one. Aquinas explains that it is impossible for anything to have its own cause. If something were to have its own cause it would have had to existed prior to itself, which would be impossible. Even if you were to believe in…...
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Why Do We Need God Essay
...Hence, instead of calling for assistance from philosophical existence, we can simply accept the fact that we are just an extremely minute part of existence and there shall always be things and objects beyond our knowledge and reason. There are gospel...
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