The existence of God has been argued upon and discussed for centuries. It is probably the war between the theists and atheists as well as the bitterness among religions that has kept some of the believers rooted to their faith. At least this gives something to fight for in their otherwise empty lives. I have always found myself in the atheist camp. It is not that I too need a battle and enrolled myself in this ongoing war. My choosing not to believe rests on the fact that I have never needed an entity named God to keep my life in track.

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My ideas probably shall match to the necessity of a warm fur coat for a tribal in the equatorial forests of Africa. I have always been a self dependent person, and I really consider and reconsider a lot before asking for favors. I don’t think that requesting help is a menial act, rather I feel considerate for the other person that I may disturb him or put him in an awkward position.

This spirit of managing things by my own has always made me question; do I really need God? What role does God play in a believer’s paradise? He is the back up for objects and events beyond our grasp.

It has been a classic human fallacy, what he doesn’t understand terrifies him. The sun, the moon and many other powerful objects and events have taken their seats as Gods in various religions in past.

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However, as science explores and discovers further, they have fallen beyond their divine grace. Things abnormal and heavenly have entered into the realm of understandable. The core idea is that, with the universe (with the M Theory now the universe along with its origin has been understood, it’s the parallel universes that are the source of curiosity) so vast, there will always be things that shall remain abnormal.

Hence, instead of calling for assistance from philosophical existence, we can simply accept the fact that we are just an extremely minute part of existence and there shall always be things and objects beyond our knowledge and reason. There are gospels and tales of Gods giving man the strength to overcome fearsome obstacles and achieve the impossible. But for a man armed with desire for the aim itself, confidence and ignorance, what else can provide a better inspiration? As the point stated before, believing that we have a limited understanding of events, there’s a chance that something might conjure up the unexpected.

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