Atheism as a Choice of Religion

It is true that God made his creation perfect, orderly, harmonious, beautiful and good; It is also true that God has created a finite and evolving world or in constant transformation. The finitude and the constant dynamism of creation allow us to understand some ‘ills’ of the world. God creates a world in change. A world in which creatures can move actively and freely towards perfection. This implies that numerous beings give way, in one way or another, to the existence of new or similar ones.

So that this ‘evil’ is not properly an evil, are stages that the creation experiences by design of God. Evil then began to act in the world when the first human beings were incited to rebel against God. And the evil begins here, begins by displacing God, begins when the human being, taking the place of God, decides what is good and what is bad, decides to be the engine of his life. One of the most important principles of God’s work in the process of our education is to give us enough free will, that is, the right to choose one’s own path in life.

If God does not exist, both man and the universe are inevitably condemned to death.

The human being, like all biological organisms, must die. Without the hope of immortality, the life of a man leads only to the grave. His life is not if not a spark in the infinite darkness, a spark that is born, flashes, and dies forever.

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The absurd thing is that there are people who need a god to make sense of their lives. When one is at the hand of God, it is clear that by vocation, one aspires to the fullness of life, simply because we are called to that, because that is what all of His beings is oriented towards. The human being knows well that such fullness and happiness is not something already given, but something that he must seek and conquer in the days that he has to live in this world. The truth is that we are all continually in search of a full life, full of joy and happiness: it is for us as a deep demand, a ‘vital need’. Of course, atheism is not a religion, since several of the requirements are not met, all related to supernatural entities. So atheism begins to say much in this perspective, which is not only intellectual but fundamentally practical and emotional. Moreover, it can be said that there are interrelated beliefs, practices, and attitudes that fall within those specifications, and not for that reason they are considered religions. Atheists do not obey the same practice or attitude, neither in the ethical nor in the aesthetic, but what we can elucidate is how atheism helps a better intellectual, political and moral practice.

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