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Fasting Feasting Essay
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Exam Type Essay “Fasting, Feasting” is a novel written by Anita Desai. This book is divided in two parts, one part from an India family point of view, and the other from an American family perspective. The title of this novel is greatly interesting because it is in two parts too. Fasting which means abstaining from all food, and feasting which means to eat rich and abundant meal. After reading the book, we can immediately say that “Fasting” corresponds to…...
Everyone would have at one time or the other fasted
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Everyone would have at one time or the other fasted. Whether voluntarily, religiously or even forcefully due to famine. Fasting is quite common and recent studies have shown that it can be immensely beneficial to one’s health. Food is an essential part of survival for all breathing things. However, too much or too little food can cause complications such as obesity, high blood pressure, malnutrition and a host of others illnesses. To prevent these, some nutritionists encourage engaging in fasts…...
The Beatitudes
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The beatitudes, or the commandments of blessedness, given us by the Saviour, do not in anyway annul the commandments of the Law. On the contrary, these commandments complement each other. The Ten Commandments of the Law are restricted to prohibiting those acts which would be sinful. The Beatitudes explain to us how we may attain Christian perfection or grace. The Ten Commandments were given in Old Testament times to restrain wild, primitive people from evil. The Beatitudes are given to…...
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